Genius girl Gu Ailing is about to blow the winter Olympic whirlwind, how is her life talent ignited?

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# Winter Olympics ## Family education # A few days ago, I saw Gu Ailing’s microblog with salt brand in Luckin Coffee and followed it. She found only 1.3 million followers, not as hot night sky watching as Grey father imagined. Grey father boldly predicted that purple stars were twinkling in the north.Beijing Olympics the chinese-american girl appeared on stage when the circle powder misfired a all the Chinese people even if the only 18 years old have been countless times to prove his own girl will be in later time jing to your grey dad said this sentence based on research on her life talent genius girl, snow princess, super good grades students…Gu Ailing, 18, is a legend of “other people’s children”, which is the top match for others, how did Gu Ailing do it?Keen on life talent research of ash in watching a documentary on her dad has a curious on love ling mother stereotypes of Chinese tiger mother, seems to be broken on how to assign to the child’s life talent ash dad found a lot of treasure in the old mother experience each, all parents should be study earnestly “sleep ten hours a day,Is the most important thing my mother taught me “just beginning to see that, ash dad is not believe, after all, this is not an ordinary kid but set world champion, students with excellent grades, public figures of the trinity of chosen woman if you are not familiar with GuAiLing then look at these hard nuclear data – chinese-american,She started skiing at the age of 3 and won 40 or 50 gold MEDALS at the age of 14, including 9 National champions. She joined the Chinese nationality in 2019 and then won 11 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze MEDALS on behalf of China. She is the first female athlete in the history of the International Snow Federation to complete the double gold medal of the World Championships and the first female athlete in the world to complete the double somersaults of 1440 degrees in the competition.He was the first student in the history of the university to graduate high school one year ahead of schedule. At the age of 17, he was admitted to Stanford university with a score of 1580 (out of 1600), higher than 99.8% of all students in the world.At the same time, he has signed more than 20 endorsements from international top model companies, including the global endorsements of Tiffany, a luxury product, which can be said to be the ceiling of Chinese athletes at present. How can the schedule hold up?However, the chosen girl’s hobbies can be added to but not limited to: cross-country running, soccer, basketball, archery, horseback climbing, tree climbing, writing, food…Well, you read that right, and the tree climbing…Designer Grey is also good at climbing trees Grey dad infinite reverie…Now, can you feel the mother’s heart and daughter’s divine execution behind getting 10 hours of sleep?”I can do so much every day because I have so much energy from good sleep,” Gu said.”The most important thing in life for me is to find what I want to do and then enjoy it.”This is to uphold the gifted children life life status sparkling like 1 / / escort for her daughter’s life talent, valley of mother’s keywords ski a lot of people and her mother all the way with daughter ai fukuhara mother par but ash dad found the Chinese and western mother although with Peking University and Stanford education is neither tiger mother or chicken Eva but as a fan,Added fuel, blowing the escort for her daughter’s life talent valley mother is clearly that “parents” behind successful children 2 / / wait for and respect, skiing in time and space to the child, the seed is the valley of mother mother planted was short track speed skating athletes and part-time coach GuAiLing of Peking University is only 3 months old, let mother has been to ski resorts, etc. When she was 3 years old,Gu’s mother saw this, but she did not do anything. She asked gu to continue to try more things and explore her real interests by herself. However, What Gu loves most is skiing.Gu’s mother knew that skiing was a high-risk sport, but she did not want her daughter to follow a professional route. However, she chose to respect Gu’s subsequent training when she joined a professional ski team at the age of 8 and became the only girl in the team. She also arranged almost all the training by herself.Mother and teacher Since the gift of life can’t be stopped, give it the best soil skiing requires a high degree of concentration and great physical strength. Valley’s mother became the “sleep police” so that she could get enough sleep to keep her daughter healthy and at the same time,Every year in the weekend of the snow season, Gu’s mother would drive Ailing back and forth for 8 hours to the ski resort for intensive training. In order to get advice from famous teachers, she would often fly Gu Ailing out of state to train in various training camps and competitions.Is accompanied jet-setting to do my homework in the car, change clothes, eat, sleep this boy since the age of three to practice education and interest also let GuAiLing fully grasp the balance of the trick because of love, she enjoy every second training also can always do my best all the thing that oneself like can wistfully in any environment to practice a piano, reading books, of course, even a genius,Could not smooth when he was 13 GuAiLing skiing for the first time in the open group has took the young champion for a variety of reasons but she even couldn’t complete competition is a child after all her back, want to give up the valley but mother knows she is not don’t love, but by the setback this time she didn’t let her daughter’s decision but encouraged her to adhere to the “no matter how,Mother will always be with you. “Emotional support, no substitute for training strategies, Gu’s mother arranged a year of intense trampoline training for her daughter. One year later, Gu completed the dance perfectly.What impressed Grey dad most was that in June 2019, 16-year-old Gu Ailing announced that she would officially become a Chinese citizen to represent China in the 2022 Winter Olympics. Growing up in the United States, Gu Ailing’s decision inevitably made her face changes in the environment and pressure from public opinion, but her graceful appearance became more and more dazzling.Gu’s mother has long let “love and integration” paved the way for her. Every year since her memory began, Gu Ailing would be sent back to Beijing Hutong by her mother. Even in the training class of Huangzhuang, this little girl with foreign face can be seen.It is a part of my life. “Gu Ailing can feel the influence of Gu’s mother on the most important choices in her life, but they all turn into rain. The seeds and nutrients are planted and the healthy growth of rain and dew is indeed the confidence of a genius.It is their parents who believe that every step of Gu’s life will be illuminated by the shining gift of life. In gu’s opinion at the age of 13, my mother is better than all other mothers.You either don’t oppose it or you don’t favor letting the gift of life go away. Grey dad called it the 1.0 era. Now, this is the 2.0 era. Many parents have realized that the gift of life is not the same as achievement.Give support and appropriate advice and leading talents for they are life to add fuel to let them find their own direction in love shiny grey dad side is some parents fully support life talented students in Shanghai were 3 years old children is gray little girl began to breakdance sanbao is “this is the street dance” in the first quarter was the youngest contestant before Jackson freestYle is also unabashed.Every time she appears, she is the youngest but the most powerful parent of the sambo who has nothing to do with street culture.Who touched the vacation with her to attend one training, contest she wants as much as possible on the premise of not affect academic support children’s talent and big cats the nation’s youngest professional rally driver, racing championship has an archaeological experts father non-existent with the professional spirit of archaeology, to support his son’s interest to big cats looking for racing school,Accompanied him participating occasionally part-time technician to his son’s car refueling, hot car in addition to providing resources is on the water in the big cat just intentionally hit the road, to build up his confidence in the following dialogue, limed dad look wet eyes dad put a lot of work to mobilize resources to gray design talent in design workshop, island clock in designer shops around the factory, designed clothes……This several days to return the magic are New Year’s day and take her back to design college with Spanish designer each family situation is not the same first name also cannot copy but life is only one talent is every child life by their parents support children deserve the valley love ling with “shiny” life state glittery GuAiLing life will be in the games are the only one to doContestants in three sports have released their winter Olympics events and time to watch the amazing girl