Hangzhou Asian Games preparation into the sprint stage to improve the city style to welcome the wonderful games

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In September, the 19th Asian Games will open in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, which will become the third Chinese city to host the Games after Beijing and Guangzhou.At present, there are less than 200 days to go before the Opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Venue construction, service guarantee, cultural creation…Asian Games atmosphere is increasingly strong, in accordance with the “simple, safe, wonderful” target requirements, the preparation work is orderly progress.The main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center in the shape of lotus is waiting for “blooming”. On one side, the “Butterfly Double Hall” composed of gymnasium and natatorium looks like a huge butterfly, which echoes the “little lotus” of tennis center, forming the basic appearance of the core area of The Asian Games with the charm of Zhejiang.On March 31st, all competition venues of hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games were completed with the completion of the function acceptance inspection of shaoxing Stick (base) Ball Sports and Culture Center and Keqiao Yangshan Rock Climbing Center.In addition to the 31 Olympic events, there are also martial arts, rattan ball, jiu-jitsu, jiu-jitsu, cricket, chess, roller skating, kabaddi, squash nine non-Olympic events.E-sports and break dancing are the first official Asian Games events.According to the different needs of many projects, hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee has made overall arrangements for venue layout according to the principle of “Hangzhou as the main city, sharing with the whole province”.The Asian Games and The Asian Para Games have 56 venues. Besides hangzhou, the host city, ningbo, Wenzhou, Huzhou, Shaoxing and Jinhua are also co-hosts.”To upgrade the number of venues to 26, compared with 12 newly built venues, is in line with the Asian Games’ ‘frugal’ philosophy,” he said.Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee venue deputy minister Yang Tieding said.Today, competition venues are busy with test events.At the same time, Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee has also launched the “physical examination” of venue facilities operation, including the construction structure, electricity, fire, special equipment and other aspects of the venue, to ensure that the venue facilities reach the best condition during the competition.The venues will continue to function as public infrastructure after the Asian Games.”Whether new or renovated, most of the venues will be open to the public after the Asian Games.”Yang Tieding said.22 Asian Games guarantee express road projects, 97 subway road reconstruction projects, 15 “Welcome the Asian Games” road renovation projects, 44 landscape lighting and upgrading projects…Hangzhou’s urban infrastructure construction has also entered a critical stage.Nowadays, the construction of barrier-free environment has come to an end, the leisure greenway in the city continues to spread and extend, outdoor sports fields, fitness equipment and other facilities constantly appear in the community.On April 1, Hangzhou called for the “decisive victory” in the preparation of the Asian Games, and pushed the focus of work into the overall preparation of the Asian Games.Hangzhou will also work with the five co-host cities to take multiple measures and go all out to promote the overall improvement of urban construction.Smiling students in formal suits take questions from interviewers on the campus of Zhejiang A&F University as they participate in the selection of volunteers for the Zhejiang Asian Games.The volunteers, also known as “Xiaoqinghe”, will provide volunteer services in 13 categories for Asian Games-related events and activities.Selection work draws near, the general training volunteer, hangzhou and the organizing committee volunteer department on mental health, manners, work discipline, service skills, emergency treatment, such as volunteer assistive content, opened eight volunteer literacy classes, three management courses, and the teaching scheme was designed.In addition, the pre-recruited volunteers will also participate in the Asian Games knowledge, competition knowledge, Hangzhou culture and other general training courses of the Asian Games.”We will complete the assignment before the end of June. We will also conduct venue training and job training and drills before we officially start work in September to ensure that volunteers can serve the games at a professional and standard level.”Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee volunteer department training director Ye Jingming said.In addition to volunteers, there are intelligent assistants to help with problems.From organizing, participating and watching the Games, there is an “intelligent Asian Games” everywhere.Through VR tour of the venue, people can have an in-depth tour of the Asian Games venues without leaving home.Access to Hangzhou subway, bus and other public travel services, integrated with the “Asian Games PASS” of health code and travel card, to achieve one-yard traffic in the city;Online translation, intelligent foreign currency payment and other functions, so that foreign friends experience intelligent services and convenient consumption……Hangzhou and the organizers of API “” smart Asian games, is a large comprehensive international games first” one-stop “digital viewing services platform, the use of artificial intelligence, AR, VR, chain blocks, such as technology, to provide” one-stop “service for the audience, fully meet the food, accommodation, transportation, traveling, shopping, entertainment” + 8 aspects, such as 18 kinds of ticketing, epidemic prevention scenario application requirements,As of March 30, the platform has over 15 million users and over 1 million daily active users.”The platform’s ‘one-stop’ service fully demonstrates the characteristics and advantages of Zhejiang’s digital reform.”Zhang Ge, deputy director of the Radio, Television and Information Technology Department of hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee, said that after the games, GovHK will form a valuable digital legacy of the Asian Games and become a sample example of digital service portal for future cities.In the core area of the Asian Games venues, the smart management platform realizes one-click access to event operation, command and scheduling through the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies.The venue operation team comprehensively improved the level of intelligence by starting with scenes such as smart light poles, smart security, ultra-high definition camera capture and smart parking.Community party members and urban volunteers struggle in grassroots governance, propaganda and explanation of the front line, for civilization Asian Games to contribute their own strength……On the evening of April 1, representatives of stadium builders, subway builders, sanitation workers, lighting builders, medical staff and other front-line personnel lit up the night lights along the Banks of the Qiantang River. Some venues of the Asian Games also lit up their lights at the same time.Beside the Qiantang River, the West Lake, the Grand Canal…Asian Games elements abound.Walking in the streets and lanes of Hangzhou, the Asian Games emblem in the shape of fans can be seen everywhere.The main figure of the emblem is composed of fan, Qiantang River, Qianjiang Tidal head, track, Internet symbol and the sun symbol of the Olympic Council of Asia. Below is the seal of the name of the host city and the year of hosting.”When the eyes of the world converge on Hangzhou because of the Asian Games, each of us is the spokesperson of the Asian Games, hoping to present a better hangzhou.”Said Professor Yuan Youmin of the China Academy of Art, who designed the emblem.In the park and square, the three cute robot images have attracted many citizens to punch in and take photos, and the related peripheral products are also extremely popular in licensed retail stores.The Asian Games mascots “Tsunchen”, “Congcong” and “Lian Lian” have a common name of “Jiangnan Yi”.”‘ Chen Chen ‘represents the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal,’ Cong Cong ‘represents the liangzhu ancient City site, and’ Lian Lian ‘represents The West Lake in Hangzhou.They are hangzhou’s three World Cultural heritage sites.”Hangzhou Asian Games auspicious owner designer Zhang Wen said.Heart to heart, @ future.The Asian Games slogan, with its distinctive Internet features, is also impressive.”@” symbolizes the Internet and the interconnection of all things, which also fits the urban characteristics of Hangzhou.Between the words, convey is “heart and heart, love to reach the future” good vision.Commemorative stamps, ceremonial clothing, volunteer supplies, official posters…With the Asian Games approaching, cultural products with distinctive Asian Games aesthetic features have been released.The Asian Games torch relay is also under intense planning.At present, Zhejiang around the Asian Games increasingly strong atmosphere.The “four Forward” activities in schools, communities (villages), societies and organizations (enterprises) have spread the Asian Games culture widely.In Tonglu, Hangzhou, paper-cut artists created paper-cut works with the Theme of the Asian Games to add luster to the Games.In Yuhang, Hangzhou, welcome the Asian Games fitness run, open a new wave of national sports;The ongoing activity of “Ten Cities for Asian Games” will bring Hangzhou to “dialogue” with Shanghai, Xi ‘an, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xiamen and other cities and share their wonderful cities…At the Closing ceremony of the Jakarta Asian Games four years ago, I still remember the sincere invitation of “Hangzhou welcomes you 2022”.Now, this “Chinese characteristics, Zhejiang style, Hangzhou charm, colorful” sports and cultural event is getting closer and closer.