Lanzhou city increases the supply of credit services to help “Made in Lanzhou”

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In lanzhou, gansu network – on February 19, according to China Daily newspaper (reporter Wan-hong zhang) on February 18, the reporter from lanzhou to optimize business environment work leading group office, in promoting the optimization of business environment in the construction work, lanzhou city based on the “get credit” indicator board weaknesses, to the domestic advanced and best practices, focus on service development in the city,By leading urban financial institutions to increase the supply of credit services and improve the level of credit services, we can effectively stabilize the industry to help steady growth and revive “Lanzhou manufacturing”.Establish a new system to implement in the concrete work of set up multiple security mechanisms, the government financial office of the people’s bank of joint lanzhou lanzhou city center branch build system of lanzhou city financial work joint conference, convened by the municipal authorities, financial regulators and banking institutions to participate in the joint, joint analysis to the city’s financial development situation, the research focus areas to investment and financing problems.We will comprehensively establish a new financial work mechanism featuring unimpeded information, data sharing and coordinated implementation, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between governments and the banking sector, and better match financial resources with the financial needs of the real economy.Strengthening supervision, Guiding and stimulating the service efficiency of banking institutions The Financial Office of the Municipal Government actively coordinated with the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau and obtained the list of financing needs of the first batch of 10 key manufacturing enterprises in The city, with a total financing needs of 7.375 billion yuan.Introduced the list of lanzhou’s major projects and planned reserve investment projects during the “14th Five-year Plan” to all banking institutions, totaling 2,077 projects with a planned investment amount of cny 1692.133 billion, and actively guided banking financial institutions to serve the high-quality economic and social development of the city more accurately.At the same time, in order to strengthen the docking marketing efforts of provincial major projects, projects to strengthen weak links, ten ecological industry projects, other major projects and key customers, the city organized the banking institutions to carry out the special activity of “One hundred Governors into one thousand Enterprises”.Contacted The Gansu Branch of Bank of Communications, made door-to-door contact with 66 enterprises, supported credit projects of RMB 1.2775 billion, and approved the loan of RMB 5.239 billion to 14 enterprises.Broaden the service channel To resolve financing problem municipal finance office by further deepen the service consciousness, actively carry out normalization with straight related department communication and docking, customized investment and financing service, timely grasp the latest conforms to the manufacturing enterprise and project investment and financing conditions, as well as the list of key manufacturing enterprises financing needs to promote the implementation,Timely hold special matchmaking meetings for project financing of manufacturing enterprises, promote cooperation between capital supply and demand, improve the success rate of project financing, effectively alleviate the difficulty and high cost of financing for enterprises, help enterprises resume work and production and guarantee employment.Innovative financial products to build diversified service mode city finance office also urged in financial institutions actively innovative financial products, build more specialized and diversified financial services mode, encourage financial institutions to develop the financial science and technology, expand kechuang enterprise credit loans, intellectual property rights pledge loans, accounts receivable pledge loan business.Actively guide banks and financial institutions to use differentiated credit policies, rationally allocate credit resources, innovate financial products, optimize financial services, increase credit support for medium – and long-term loans to key manufacturing enterprises in Our city, and gradually increase the proportion of manufacturing loans.