Quality and efficiency Improvement project of Women and children’s Home | Parent-child interaction to welcome Spring Festival

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Recently, Xuecheng District women’s Federation united with fengming volunteer Service center, in jinyuan community, Xincheng district provincial women and children home to carry out the “bring love home” four send home family story and “good books accompanied by virtue” theme family education reading activities.Accompanied by good virtue along activities, the area of children and women’s career development center to share the shandong education press, director of the family, school, family trait ManShui “series, emphatically from XiaoQin, terms, godson, Ming li, shame-awareness, thrifty, is inexpensive, the ill, dedicated and patriotic aspects elaborated the importance of the construction of start-up,And combined with the family style stories to let the young readers more simple understanding of the family style.Female volunteers also handed out leaflets on the family Education Promotion Law.Female volunteers from the medical system also showed the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, such as putting on and taking off protective clothing and conducting nucleic acid testing drills, which were warmly praised by the audience.In the parent-child reading activity, the video class of Fan Deng’s reading “Accompany children to Grow up for life” was played, so that parents could learn how to accompany their children to grow up and make progress together.On January 21, 2008, the Women and Children’s Homes in Xingguo Community of Tanshan Street and The Calligraphy and Ink Books Reading Exchange Center of Pudong in Shanghai jointly organized an online reading activity of “Accompanies reading · Yizhi Reading Journey” in Yicheng District.On January 22, the women and children’s Home of Xingguo Community in Tanshan Street held a series of parent-child activities, including paper-cutting, painting books, decoding and programming robots, to celebrate the New Year.Recently, taierzhuang District women’s Federation in Malantun town Ren Lou community women and children’s home to carry out “family education promotion Law” publicity activities.During the activity, the teacher gave a detailed interpretation of the Family Education Promotion Law from four aspects: family responsibility, social cooperation, national support and legal responsibility. Then parents and teachers had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the content of the Family Education Promotion Law and how to create a family education learning environment.On January 22, the Women’s Federation of Taierzhuang district launched an activity called “cutting window flowers and laughing words to welcome the Spring Festival” at the Women and children’s Home of Renlou community in Malantun town.In the activity, the paper-cut teacher explained in detail the characteristics of paper-cut art, the use of paper-cut tools, the basic methods and steps of paper-cut manual production.Under the guidance of the teacher, the red paper flew up and down in the hands of the children, turning into a lively artistic image, a delicate works filled with joy and peace of the spring breath.