Strictly prohibit control policy layer upon layer increase code!The Health Commission of Zhejiang Province responded to precautions for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival

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During the Spring Festival, people are used to visiting relatives and friends. However, in the current epidemic situation, what problems should we pay attention to during the festival to ensure personal protection and epidemic prevention?January 31 in the morning, at 103th COVID in zhejiang – 19 news conference the epidemic prevention and control work, li-ming sun said, deputy director of the provincial health committee during the Spring Festival, people of liquidity, the aggregation will increase, the current epidemic prevention and control in the key period of zhejiang, be sure to do personnel to a safe and orderly flow, minimize the risk.Recently, the provincial prevention and control Office issued an emergency prevention and control work plan during the Spring Festival, which put forward guidance and requirements for public activities and travel. At the same time, it also required all localities to eliminate layers of “one size fits all”, minimize the impact of the epidemic on people’s production and life, and make every effort to ensure that people spend a healthy and safe Spring Festival.In response to questions from journalists about specific prevention and control requirements and precautions, Sun Liming made a specific introduction, including the following points: scientific and accurate implementation of the management of people coming to And returning to Zhejiang.Unify the provincial risk group control policies, implement “14+7” health management measures for people with domestic medium-high risk areas and their towns (streets), and implement “2+14” health management measures for people with domestic medium-high risk areas and their towns (streets).For people in Hangzhou, Zhejiang urges them to stay in Hangzhou as much as possible and not go out if it is not necessary.For those who really need to travel, they must pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control policies of their destinations and make preparations for nucleic acid tests and health monitoring in advance.People in medium-high risk areas and their counties (cities and districts) (such as Binjiang district and Fuyang District) should be encouraged to “calm down”, reduce gathering, social and shopping activities as much as possible, and strictly limit travel.At the same time, also reminded the province’s citizens, as far as possible do not go to high-risk areas in the county (city, district).It is strictly prohibited to increase control policies.Implement the management of returning personnel “four shall not”, that is: do not take simple, “one size fits all” control measures to zhejiang, zhejiang personnel;No measures shall be taken to persuade people with a history of sojourn or residence in counties (cities or districts) without medium-high risk areas to leave or return;The normal movement of people should not be restricted under the pretext of epidemic prevention and control.The requirements and time limit of health management measures shall not be changed at will.While implementing prevention and control measures, we will ensure the safe and orderly movement of people.Control the number and scale of gathering activities.During the Spring Festival, it is not necessary to carry out temple fairs, large-scale artistic performances, exhibition and sales promotion activities.It is advocated to postpone weddings, simplify funerals and avoid banquets. If it is necessary to hold activities as small as possible, no more than 10 people should attend family gatherings.Catering units that undertake dinner parties with more than 5 tables must strictly implement relevant prevention and control measures and strengthen ventilation and disinfection;Individuals hosting banquets with more than five tables on their own are required to report to local communities or village committees and abide by local epidemic prevention and control regulations.Strict management of public places.Tourist attractions, theaters, entertainment venues and other public venues should implement the requirements of limit, reservation, peak shifting, and control the upper limit of personnel reception.Chess and card rooms and other closed leisure and entertainment venues should control the number of people, strengthen environmental disinfection and ventilation, and implement measures such as temperature measurement, lighting code, wearing masks.To facilitate the public to carry out “full inspection”.In accordance with the principle of scientific, reasonable and convenient operation, nucleic acid sampling sites have been set up in transportation stations, village (community) service centers and other distribution centers.Strengthen the network publicity and guidance, convenient for the masses to carry out “willing to check all”.Sun warned that citizens should also strengthen self-protection, wash their hands frequently, wear masks scientifically, keep a social distance of more than 1 meter, use chopsticks and spoons, encourage people to pay New Year’s greetings online and by phone, minimize the gathering of people, and be responsible for themselves and others.In case of fever, cough and other symptoms, do not take medicine by yourself. After personal protection, go to the fever clinic in time. In addition, it is not recommended to take public transportation.(Trainee reporter Chen Lei) Editor: Yu Anyi Original copyright prohibited commercial reprint authorization & GT;>Reprint application matters and report illegal infringement, please contact us: 010-56807194 Hot list long press the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to pay attention to the highlights