Weifang Binhai District: The construction of Wansheng Integrated production base of functional new materials is in full swing

2022-07-22 0 By

Recently, the project of Wansheng integrated production base with annual output of 550,000 tons of functional new materials introduced by Binhai Merchants Development Group has started construction in full force, striving to complete the civil construction and equipment installation ahead of schedule to ensure the completion and production of the project as scheduled.Reporters in Shandong Wansheng new materials project site entrance to see, workers are carrying out reinforcement shaping and other basic construction operations, the whole process in an orderly manner.Shandong Wansheng New Material Co., LTD., with an annual output of 550,000 tons, is invested and constructed by Zhejiang Wansheng Co., LTD., the world’s largest phosphorus-based flame retardant leading enterprise, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan and an area of about 1000 mu.Among them, the first phase of the project investment 2.25 billion yuan, covers an area of 600 mu, the total construction area of about 290,000 square meters.Planning and construction of 120000 tons/year of phosphorus oxychloride, phosphorus pentachloride 30000 tons/year, 230000 tons/year new flame retardant materials and special flame retardant additives, 130000 tons/year high-end epoxy resins and additives, 40000 tons/year surfactants such as new materials production line and products supporting 20 workshops, six warehouse, tank farm, utilities, like, such as research and development of office building, a total of 55 monomer.”The first phase of the project is expected to be put into operation in June 2023, and the individual construction will be completed before the end of this year. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is expected to achieve an average annual sales revenue of 7.3 billion yuan, annual tax revenue of more than 300 million yuan, and employment scale of more than 500 people.”Ouyang Chun, manager of infrastructure management department of Shandong Wansheng New Materials Co., LTD., told reporters that the project can also be highly complementary to the chloride industry of Haihua Group, boosting the development of weifang Binhai Area 100 billion Marine chemical new materials industry cluster.In order to speed up the construction of the project, Binhai Merchants Development Group, as the introducing unit of the project, established a special class at the first time, with special personnel relying on the service, to ensure that the project starts, construction and production quickly.”After the project contract, our China merchants group assigned personnel rely on the service package, the whole process to follow, in the park, by the hair, land planning, and area under the full support of the department in charge of examination and approval service center, and program, the eia, Ann can review, review and land construction and other relevant formalities already dealt with complete, full guarantee for the smooth construction of the project.”Weifang Binhai Investment Development Group Deputy secretary of the Party committee Han Huaichao said.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter Shi Rukuan, correspondent Han Yun)