Why did the “picky” new middle class choose a MARVEL R

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In 2021, the national “14th Five-Year Plan” strategic plan has made it clear that the income distribution structure of Chinese population will change from “pyramid” to “olive type”, the middle-income group has significantly expanded, and the new middle class has gradually become a group to be paid attention to and studied.In a series of third-party research reports from QuestMobile and others, we find that the new middle class has become a significant force;From “consumption upgrade” to “diversified consumption”, they set off a “concept revolution” in the mainstream market, especially in the automotive sector.New middle class, from “exquisite” to “fine quality” What is new middle class?The 2021 New Middle Class White Paper proposes a variety of evaluation dimensions.”New crowd” : the average age is 33.7 years old, and the post-90s generation is the main force;”New concept” : Shopping is not just about “owning”, they care about experience, quality, even self-expression.This shift in attitudes is particularly evident when the new middle class is shopping for cars: the older generation often buys cars with utilitarian drives and values value for money;For the new middle class, car buying is more emotionally driven, with the “heart-price ratio” winning.Heart-value ratio – Psychological identification is key.The new middle class has a higher education background and value recognition, they value a car to bring quality experience and taste.Based on the research on such consumer groups, some car companies pay more attention to the appearance level, quality, technology and other aspects of products when creating products, so as to meet their emotional resonance and rational needs.MARVEL R is one of them.On December 26 last year, Feifan MARVEL R completed a delivery on the first day of operation in Shanghai payment Center. The owner works for an Internet giant. His professional background, income level and pursuit of intelligent technology are the epitome of the modern new middle class.The car owner summed up the characteristics of MARVEL R in one sentence: start from the appearance level, loyal to the texture.As we all know, electric cars do not need the grille, and the smaller motor also allows the layout of vehicles to become more free, designers have more room to play, which has brought a new trend in car design.But the modelling design of the car is a whole project, the reason why the appearance level of MARVEL R feifan automobile is outstanding, is in the body proportion design of the next foot effort.This car skillfully uses the golden proportion, for example, the window line height is 0.618 of the vehicle height, the wheel head height is 0.618 of the front canopy height, and the distance from the firewall to the rear is 0.618 of the vehicle length.These key proportions are presented in simple and smooth lines, making the visual center of gravity of Feifan MARVEL R backward, coupled with the body width of 1919mm, the overall effect is not only a sense of power ready to go, but also a sense of wide and luxurious volume.At the same time, the clean and smooth lines are good for aerodynamics, and also make the MARVEL R a very efficient vehicle.Feifan MARVEL R adopts the neutral cool color system of pearlescent white, ronglin gray, bright gray, and silver controlling light, which creates an image of fashionable quietly elegant and avant-garde technology as a whole.Inside the MARVEL R, a 19.4-inch center screen is the most eye-catching part of its technology label.The large screen integrates most functions, and there are almost no physical buttons in the central control area. The simple style is very much in line with the current preferences of young consumers.In addition, 3D Mesh technology is applied to a large number of leather packages in MARVEL R central control area of Feifan Automobile, making the touch more delicate and soft. With strict sewing process, the horizontal error of the lines is controlled within 0.5mm. Tight and smooth wiring makes the effect of leather packages in the car more high-end.At the same time, with Alcantara material and Nappa touch leather sports seats, BOSE Premium audio series, and four groups of electric blades intelligent scavenging system, you can enjoy a comprehensive quality experience from vision, hearing, touch to the whole body when entering MARVEL R.Feifan’s MARVEL R has leather seats, surround sound and other equipment, and the same level of models need to buy additional money on the basis of optional equipment to obtain.Performance and Intelligence, 1+1& GT;Since 2020, China’s automobile market has experienced a rebound from the bottom, and users have put forward higher requirements for intelligent and electric travel. This situation is inseparable from the contribution of the new middle class.There is no doubt about the development trend of electric vehicles, which is driven by the Chinese and global market, but we also find that it is not easy to extend the driving pleasure of the era of fuel cars to electric vehicles.For this, The MARVEL R has its thoughts.Feifan MARVEL R adopts a relatively rare rear rear drive layout at the same price, which is obviously more inclined to build sporty performance.But what’s more interesting is that the rear-drive version has two hair-Pin hair-winding motors with a maximum power of 137kW and 410Nm, while the four-drive version has three motors with a combined maximum power of 222kW and a maximum torque of 665N·m.Performance enthusiasts will find it easy to see that the Model 3 and Model Y, which still use regular motors and electric single-speed gearboxes, don’t have the right mix of range and acceleration, and can drain power at high speeds.The biggest advantage of the hair-PIN hair-winding motor adopted by MARVEL R is to improve the motor efficiency and further reduce the 100-kilometer power consumption.On this basis, Feifan Automotive MARVEL R adopts the porsche Taycan with the same strategy of two gearboxes, a low speed focus on improving torque, two high speed to improve acceleration performance – so can better solve the problem of electric car high-speed fatigue, serious power failure.In terms of power alone, The MARVEL R is strong enough to meet users’ demand for electric car power, and the four-wheel-drive version can even achieve a 100-kilometer acceleration of 4.8 seconds.The chassis, developed in collaboration with porsche’s engineering team, enhances dynamic performance such as dynamic response and corner balance.Porsche engineering team jointly developed the chassis in the above aspects of technical improvement, which is the advantage of MARVEL R from the background of traditional car enterprises.The hair-PIN hairpin motor is a test of the high standard of production technology, while the adjustment of the chassis, which takes into account the limits of comfort and performance, requires the mature experience of the team.When users are drawn to the MARVEL R’s looks, they will quickly find that performance is just one step in moving the MARVEL R beyond the homogenization of electric cars, with a more technical feel to it.Nowadays, the young consumer group attaches great importance to technological experience and has unprecedented demand for intelligent hardware. This change in consumption habits is also affecting the research and development of intelligent vehicles by automobile enterprises.Backed by SAIC motor, Feifan has a deep foundation in intelligent interconnection.The first step for consumers to understand the intelligence of MARVEL R is through the dual screen linkage of 19.4-inch intelligent touch screen + 12.3-inch LCD instrument.In the view of Feifan Automobile MARVEL R, the center control screen should not only pursue “big”, but also emphasize “quality”.With the help of mediatek’s 6-core SOC chip, zebra Smart Venus system can ensure the smooth operation of a large number of infotainment functions and interactions.As for the LCD dashboard, in addition to the conventional driving information display, it also provides AR real scene, MR mixed virtual real scene two navigation assistance modes.In MR mode, the system analyzes the information data of the camera and sensor, and presents the information of the vehicle, pedestrian and other objects on the LCD instrument.The AR mode is more of an aid to the navigation route. The dashboard displays the road section pictures captured by the camera. Combined with the route reminder of the navigation system, arrows and direction instructions will be added to the real scene, so that the driver can make an accurate judgment of moving.Intuitively, it simply combines the instrument display with the camera, allowing the driver to experience a visual representation of avant-garde technology.More importantly, Feifan MARVEL R provides a new navigation assistance mode with the combination of hardware and software, information transmission and processing capabilities, so that users can master the route more accurately, thus bringing the safety and convenience of the whole trip.Cars have entered the era of intelligence, and an excellent intelligent car can improve the whole driving experience.When users are still troubled by tesla’s failure to support Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife, the networking and massive resources supported by MARVEL R are the entry configuration, and the Venus system equipped with a lot of optimization in interaction, such as:90 seconds of uninterrupted voice dialogue, intelligent gesture interaction, and even voice control intelligent driving with voice control ACC function.MARVEL R makes the functional operation and human-computer interaction in the process of driving more simple and direct, allowing users to focus more on the dynamic texture of the vehicle and the fun of driving.When researchers studied the new middle class, they noticed a trend: they are having a longer “struggle” before deciding to buy, as the Internet age has brought them a wealth of information and a greater ability to sift through it.When it comes to buying an electric car, the new middle class’s “research spirit” is particularly relevant when it comes to safety.Electric vehicles have made great strides in terms of performance and intelligence in the past few years, but basic battery safety and battery performance are still the most important concerns for consumers.While the MARVEL R’s aesthetic and texture appeal to users’ emotional enjoyment, the car’s technological prowess in the three-battery system ultimately influenced their rational decisions.Feifan MARVEL R is equipped with a 69.9kwh battery pack, which is jointly developed by SAIC and Ningde Times. It uses high integrated design such as double-row 16-cell large-module arrangement and integrated die-casting tray, and the energy density reaches 180Wh/kg.In contrast, although Volkswagen ID.4X uses NCM811 battery cell with higher energy density, its safety and stability are not better guaranteed.While stable and safe, the 505km NEDC endurance of MARVEL R can fully meet the daily commuting needs, and after many test drives of other models at the same level, the actual endurance achievement rate of MARVEL R is very satisfactory compared with other models.In order to protect the safety of the whole scene, Feifan Automotive MARVEL R adopts a number of high-level technology, such as the industry’s highest ASIL D electronic and electrical safety design, IP69K waterproof grade, 74% high strength steel body structure and so on.According to the results, not only the millisecond pre-impact power outage, but also can ensure that there is no fire within half an hour after the impact.The safety response to accidents is only one aspect of the evaluation of the battery. In order to ensure the battery stability in extremely cold and hot environment, Feifan MARVEL R also adds efficient heat pump technology and water-cooled electric heating temperature control system to ensure that the startup is not blocked, the endurance is not shrinking, and the charging is not delayed in extreme climate.Consumers have various demands for the safety of a car. MARVEL R not only provides a high-specification three-electric system, but also assists drivers to travel safely through intelligent technology.For example, the R Pilot automatic driving assistance system provides L2 level driving assistance in the range of 0-150km/h at full speed, including ICA integrated high-speed intelligent cruise and Super-TJA Super traffic congestion assistance, which can help drivers to alleviate driving fatigue.As an intelligent electric SUV of 200,000 yuan, Volkswagen ID.4 X Ultra Smart Long endurance version only provides conventional driving assistance functions, but advanced driving assistance functions such as II.Drive L2+ level automatic driving assistance and AR HUD augmented reality head-up display system are still not supported or can only be achieved by optional installation.The MARVEL R intelligent driving system relies on six cameras, three millimeter radar waves and 12 ultrasonic radars for normal operation.The high specifications of intelligent hardware determine the accuracy and richness of information collection, such as the alternation of virtual and solid lines, ups and downs of slopes, changes in light and shade and other complex road conditions can be accurately identified.On top of this, the way of processing a large amount of information and the speed of feedback is to test the software ability of MARVEL R.In actual experience, the system in the driveway, vehicle distance grasp key conditions and changes in the velocity of the act is very smooth, on the basic requirement of safety, to optimize the user’s driving experience, even the driver can also through voice control real-time adjustment from cruise speed, vehicle demand, let users really do “can saying, never get to work.In fact, both SanDian system and intelligent driving system, automobile MARVEL R all daily travel protection for the users are very comprehensive, which ensures the cell stability and security of the whole life cycle, the latter as the auxiliary role provide drivers with anticipation, remind, decision-making, and other functions, and try to optimize the details,So that users in a more comfortable state to obtain the security of intelligent technology.In the face of the new ChanFang facets of “thinking”, fly every car MARVEL R is confident, we do not doubt that it’s advantage in security, reliability, this itself is also a traditional background give it the ability of car enterprises, just, “security” is not so obvious, such as smart also needs to have good way presented a good technical background,MARVEL R can be called inside and outside repair, in hardware and technology to do a good combination.Yaston concludes that the consumption view of the new middle class is diversified. They not only value the aesthetic consistency and taste display on sensibility, but also pay attention to the technical level and performance experience on rationality.Seemingly tangled, but actually determined.When such a group of thoughtful and demanding consumers “planted grass” with the MARVEL R, it was already a testament to their strength.Nowadays, such a versatile product has entered the life of the new middle class in the form of a trend. It will create their life circle together with users, grow together, and collide with more unknown and possible.Figure | network and elegant, scene shooting