Zhu Jianxing: He was abducted at the age of 8 and recorded every detail. 24 years later, he found his biological parents and the accident happened again

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Between the ages of 8 and 32, Zhu Jianxing spent the most painful 24 years of his life.In an accident, he was abducted by a human trafficker and lost his identity.Memories of the past 24 years came back to him. Fortunately, he found his parents and returned to his family.But there is more to life than that.In September 1994, Wang Xia, a child in Zhaotong, Yunnan province, went to her aunt’s home alone.Wang Xia ancient clever strange, pleasing, including aunt, relatives, neighbors, all love him.Wang Xia was a lucky little girl in her childhood.No one expected that an accident would turn Wang Xia’s life upside down.It was busy farming season at that time, Wang Xia saw her aunt busy, she did not stay, alone set foot on the journey home.In the process, Wang Xia met a man.From this, the life of Wang Xia becomes the past forever, the nightmare that belongs to Zhu Jianxing, began formally.Zhu jianxing clearly remembered that the man was his hometown, and he knew the exact location of the man’s home.Meanwhile, the man stopped by the house several times to chat with Zhu’s parents, seemingly friendly.The man squatted down, smiled and told Zhu jianxing that he could take him home.The man was not a stranger. Zhu jianxing thought for a moment and then agreed to help him.”If it hadn’t been for my hometown, I would have never followed a stranger since I was eight years old and had the ability to distinguish,” Zhu said.Zhu jianxing regarded the other party as a fellow countryman, so he paid all his trust.The other party in the identity of human traffickers, but failed to live up to Zhu Jianxing’s trust.Zhu jianxing knew something was wrong when his fellow villagers got off the bus after being picked up by traffickers.Zhu jianxing began Shouting, trying to find help.The traffickers saw this situation, afraid of exposing the matter, they forced Zhu Jianxing to feed a piece of sugar.Sweet candy, in fact, is a narcotic component.After zhu jianxing finished eating, he lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep.The next time he woke up, he was thousands of miles away in Putian, Fujian province.”Before I was abducted, I ate rice with grits steamed with green beans and roasted eggplant;On the farm tricycle that day, traffickers had my head covered, but I could still see the road.The first time I woke up, I was in a hotel near a coal mine…”Zhu jianxing is still pained by the memory of his recent abduction.As he said, his memory wasn’t great, but 90 percent of what happened that day is stuck in his mind.”I have no memory of how I came to Fujian after I fell asleep. When I woke up, I went directly to Fujian. The journey from Yunnan to Fujian took at least several days and nights, but I have no memory of the journey.”It turned out that the traffickers were afraid of accidents during zhu jianxing’s journey of several days, so they used a large amount of narcotics in zhu jianxing’s food.Arriving in a completely unfamiliar environment, Zhu jianxing realized that he had been trafficked.When Zhu first arrived in Putian, he went to a small village in the countryside, which was remote and backward.On October 12, 1994, Zhu Jianxing was bought by a family named Zhu and began his life in Pingyang Village, Putian.Since then, October 12, also became his birthday, Wang Xia has become a secret forever, he can only live with the identity of Zhu Jianxing.Zhu Jianxing lives in a remote mountain. He is not used to it when he just comes here.He had no local playmates and knew nothing of the customs.Coming to a new environment, Zhu Jianxing is like an anomaly.”At first, people here looked at me as if I were a monkey or a rare animal,” Zhu said.Zhu jianxing once thought about running away, but he didn’t know anything and didn’t know where the complicated path would lead.From then on, he always had the same dream, running up and down the mountains, from Fujian back to Yunnan, but after waking up, he was still greeted by the cruel reality.Zhu jianxing knew he had been trafficked, so he was always wary of his adoptive parents.He was reluctant to communicate with others and refused to be approached by anyone.Gradually he became silent and withdrawn.His adoptive parents didn’t come from a wealthy family, but as far as Zhu can remember, they treated him extremely well.Several years later, Zhu jianxing began to adapt to life in the mountains and learned putian dialect.Since then, Zhu jianxing’s life has gradually improved.”It’s ok. I’ve had nothing to do here since I was a child. I’ve been poor a little bit and haven’t suffered much.”This seemingly light words, but it is zhu Jianxing’s self-comfort, abducted life, even if there is no hardship, also let people suffer.As he grew older, Zhu accepted life in Putian, forcing himself to suppress the desire to return home and moving steadily forward.When He came of age, Zhu jianxing decided to leave Putian and go out to work.Before leaving, he had a heart-to-heart with his adoptive father and made clear his desire to find his biological parents.The adoptive father heaved a sigh and said, “Since you still remember your biological parents, go and find them yourself.”But after years of being together, Zhu jianxing knows how his adoptive family feels about him.His adoptive father’s family was still poor, so Zhu Jianxing decided to shoulder his own responsibilities. He worked hard to earn money to support his family, repay his father’s upbringing, and also repay his grandparents’ love for him since childhood.As a matter of fact, Zhu jianxing has been looking for his biological parents, but he has been focusing most of his energy on making money to support his family.Zhu jianxing tried to report the case, but still found nothing.Zhu jianxing has been hit by a wall many times, but he has no hope. His attitude to finding his biological parents is not as persistent as before.Later, Zhu jianxing recalled, “There were so many people and things to be reacquainted, and the process was not easy.”In Putian, though much loved, he was always in a muddle. After all, his carefree days in zhaotong, his hometown, were gone forever.In 2018, Zhu jianxing already has a steady job.Through friends, he met his current wife.Zhu’s wife, a nurse, is gentle and understanding.He confessed to his wife about his experience of being abducted as a teenager. His wife felt distressed and her comfort made Zhu Jianxing feel warm and satisfied.It is no exaggeration to say that for Zhu Jianxing, his wife is both light and salvation.An accidental opportunity, the wife found a family on the phone organization: baby home.Hoping to give it a try, Zhu entered his former name “Wang Xia” on the dating website.To his surprise, there was a notice for him on the website.With the help of volunteers, Zhu found the address of his parents and the phone number of village officials.After some inquiries, Zhu jianxing found his parents’ contact information.At this time, Zhu Jianxing had been away from home for more than 20 years.With trembling hands, he called his birth parents.However, zhu jianxing’s parents were not as happy as zhu jianxing imagined after learning the ins and outs of the matter.They asked for information, and their words were skeptical.In fact, in the first few years of Zhu’s abduction, his parents did try to find him.For 20 years, they were cheated out of a lot of money to find their son.The appearance of Zhu Jianxing once again aroused their vigilance, is it another liar?Zhu Jianxing himself is also very suspicious, the other party is really his biological parents?In an interview with reporters, Zhu Jianxing bluntly expressed the success of the idea of finding relatives: “the idea in the heart is very messy very messy very messy”, very close to the truth of that moment, he and his parents are a little back.In order to leave no regrets, Zhu jianxing returned to Zhaotong, Yunnan province with his wife.Seeing his parents again after more than 20 years, Zhu Jianxing couldn’t match the people in front of him with the parents he remembered.When he was young, Zhu jianxing’s father and mother were in high spirits.But when zhu jianxing met his biological parents again, they were far from what he had imagined.At the same time, Zhu Jianxing, who speaks putian dialect, also made his parents afraid to recognize him.Family love, blood is thicker than water, although Zhu jianxing and his birth parents are very strange, but they can not cut off their love.After 24 years of wandering, Zhu Jianxing has finally returned home.For more than 20 years, while Zhu jianxing searched for his parents, they also waited for his return.For years, Zhu jianxing’s parents stayed in their dilapidated house, afraid to leave, waiting for their son.Later, Zhu jianxing told his biological parents that it was his fellow villager who had sold him to human traffickers.But the trafficker had long since moved from the village to live in the town, where he is still at large.The wang family was very sorry that the traffickers were not punished. However, zhu Jianxing’s return to them finally fulfilled their wishes, which was already a great comfort.”If I think about it now, I can’t bear it if I have to do it again. It may be because I am too young and naive. If I think about it now, IT is very painful.”In fact, human trafficking has always been a problem for millions of families.In 2021, the news that Sun Haiyang had found his son became an Internet sensation.The film “Dear”, once told the story of many parents looking for their son, the role of Han Dezhong, the prototype is Sun Haiyang.Fourteen years ago, Sun Haiyang and his son came to Shenzhen to work.In 2007, sun Zhuo was abducted by human traffickers in front of his shop. For several years after that, finding his son became the only wish of sun Haiyang’s family.They dare not change the phone number, offering a reward of 200,000 yuan, running to many cities, again and again disappointed, but again and again rekindle hope.Fortunately, with the help of the police and kind-hearted people, Sun Zhuo was finally found by his family 14 years after he lost.Zhang Yi, who plays the father Han Dezhong in the film, reposted the reunion on Weibo, saying, “I cried after watching the live broadcast. I had mixed feelings.”Among the countless stories of searching for relatives, Zhu Jianxing, Sun Zhuo and others were undoubtedly lucky to have the opportunity to reunite with their families.However, the successful life after the search, and where to go?In 2019, Zhu Jianxing received good news that his wife had given birth to a son, whom he named Zhu Hao ‘en.The arrival of a new baby has brought new energy to the whole family, and the whole family is excited.After finding his biological parents and returning to his family, Zhu Jianxing thought all the difficulties were over.To everyone’s surprise, bigger difficulties followed.In 2020, my 1-year-old son suddenly started crying, then developed a high fever, and his illness went back and forth.Before long, thick red spots began to appear on the child’s body.Nervous, Zhu jianxing and his wife rushed to the hospital with their son.The doctor’s diagnosis, but let the whole family into a haze.Young zhu Hao ‘en, actually contracted leukaemia.According to the doctor’s advice, only a bone marrow transplant can relieve Zhu’s condition.However, With Zhu jianxing’s current financial resources, he cannot afford the huge medical bills.They had to choose conservative treatment for the time being and let their son get chemotherapy first.However, the cost of chemotherapy is also a great pressure for Zhu and his wife, who have spent 200,000 yuan, 100,000 of which they borrowed from relatives and friends.The only consolation was that my son was very good and cooperative with treatment.Combined with chemotherapy, Zhu Haun’s condition has been basically stable.”I feel that he is very cute and lively, can call dad, that is the most happy.”Despite the hardships, zhu Hao ‘en, Zhu Jianxing and his wife always had smiles on their faces.They are still actively raising funds and never give up hope of a cure for their son.Zhu jianxing’s memories of being abducted as a teenager are engraved on his heart.After going through thousands of difficulties and dangers to return to the side of parents again, Zhu Jianxing has to accept the bad news that his son is ill however, how its cruel.Zhu Jianxing was not knocked down by the sufferings of the past.The future Zhu Jianxing will tide over the difficulties hand in hand with his family.