An examination room for one!He has completed the postgraduate entrance examination in a makeshift hospital and is now expected to be enrolled

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Not long ago, xiao Sun, a student from Jilin University, finished a special reexamination of postgraduate entrance exams in the No.5 Makeshift hospital of Changchun Convention and Exhibition Center.It is understood that sun was still preparing for the postgraduate reexamination when he entered the cabin, and the medical team in the makeshift hospital soon learned of the situation.In the team, zhao Yinlong, director of the Nuclear Medicine department of the Second College of Jilin University, and several graduate tutors took action one after another. Although their majors were different, they gave Sun a lot of help in psychological counseling and reexamination skills.Shortly after entering the cabin, Sun received the notice of reexamination of wuhan University graduate students.Due to the impact of the epidemic, the second round of postgraduate tests in most schools were conducted online.Online second interview requires a relatively quiet environment.Aware of this need, the medical staff in Hatch 5 set aside a separate disposal room for the retest.In order to ensure the stability of the network during the second test, the medical staff also asked the technical staff to rebuild a special network line and coordinate the equipment for Sun.With the full protection of everyone in the cabin, Sun successfully completed the postgraduate reexamination.Sun and his father were very grateful to the medical staff for their help, and soon after the second test, they were able to leave the hospital.The good news came this morning when Sun told zhao Yinlong, the doctor who had been helping and encouraging him in the cabin, that he had been admitted to Wuhan University.Zhao Yinlong, director of the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Second Hospital of Jilin University: There are many aspects of life in the makeshift hospital. Reading books and preparing for the examination made him feel optimistic and strong.Cabin no. 5 is not only a makeshift hospital, but also a big warm family. Every medical staff is doing what they can for every family member in the cabin.With the joint efforts of medical staff and patients, we believe that the battle against the epidemic will soon be won.(source: CCTV news client) For more exciting content, please download the “Wuhan” client in each major application market.