Hai Cang Hai Wa Chinese Orchestra to create an immersive concert

2022-07-23 0 By

In the Spring Festival, haiwa Chinese Orchestra will take you to feel the visible spring scenery with your ears and heart…During the Spring Festival, Haicang District launched the “Immersion” concert of Haicang Folk Orchestra. This New Year’s Concert is themed with “Spring · Tide” and has two series: “Spring Symphony” and “Chinese music when tide”.Among them, the “Spring Symphony” series is mainly composed of traditional songs such as “Roar Spring” and “Good Night”, aiming to awaken cultural memories and create a festive and peaceful atmosphere.”Gukak When The Tide” series is mainly composed of new songs such as “Big Fish” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, aiming to unlock the possibilities of traditional folk music and rooted in cultural confidence.In order to get a better effect of art appreciation, orchestra concert hall style, playing the box into the lotus pond, forward bay villa, children’s park, pingshan, walk change scene, build cultural relics, architecture and music integration “immersion” concert, with visual, auditory linkage let music is constantly trying to extend and explore.This New Year’s Concert is sponsored by The Education Bureau of Haicang District, undertaken by Yankui Experimental Primary School of Haicang District, Haicang Youth Palace, and co-organized by Haicang Experimental Middle School, Xiayang Primary School, Haicang Affiliated Primary School of China Normal University, the First Science and Technology Kindergarten, Haicang Kindergarten, Dongfu Central Kindergarten.