In 2021, 99% of the people will be satisfied with the “micro matters concerning people’s livelihood” in the High-tech Zone

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Through the transformation of “micro-practical matters concerning people’s livelihood”, the environment of the ancient village will be further improved.On March 28, the reporter learned from the 2021 annual summary meeting of “Micro-practical matters of people’s Livelihood” of the High-tech Zone that in 2021, 372 of the 380 “micro-practical matters of people’s livelihood” projects have been completed, involving a budget of 18.11 million yuan, and the public satisfaction is as high as 99%.2021 is the year when the “Micro-practical matters for people’s Livelihood” work of Zhuhai city is launched. The High-tech Zone attaches great importance to the “micro-practical matters for people’s livelihood” as a master project, and at the same time, the “micro-practical matters for people’s livelihood” is included in the community performance assessment bonus points to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the community.High-tech zone innovation work method, in the city do two take the lead, pioneering “secondary processing” complaint feedback mechanism, reflected the demands of the masses do not belong to the “people’s livelihood micro truth” “incurable diseases”, using the digital high platform complaint to do, do it matters reflect both follow up and reply to the crowds, a total of “secondary processing” 31 projects;Take the lead to two industrial park, the enterprise workers into the category of soliciting opinions, not only limited to town, community soliciting opinions, highlight the characteristics of construction of regional service industry, the construction of the park in the parking lot, time relay station drainage, first aid skills training, such as 11 project implementation, further do fine do real park service, business people for high-tech innovation and create a good environment for the park.The zone also linked and launched social organizations and volunteers to actively participate in community public services, guided 18 social organizations to undertake 36 service projects, nurtured and incubated social organizations serving the community, and promoted residents’ initiative and enthusiasm to participate in community governance.By leveraging “big livelihood” through “micro practical matters”, the high-tech zone has solved the urgent and anxious problems of a large number of people.(source: Zhuhai Special Zone news) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: