In Jingchuan County, Gansu province, apple anti-freezing and flower protection technology training was carried out

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China Agricultural Science News Pingliang news (all media reporter Chen Ping correspondent Zhao Zhenzhen Ran Tiancheng) “Orchard smoking mainly uses a lot of smoke to block the emission of ground heat radiation to resist cold air invasion, improve the temperature in the orchard, improve the orchard microclimate, play an anti-freezing role.Jingchuan county protection garden strong fruit technical service team member Wei Haiyun in the orchard for the masses to explain apple flowering anti-freezing technology in March this year, the temperature is on the high side, apple bud growth in advance, to effectively prevent low temperature frost disaster attack, Jingchuan County fruit bureau highly attention, early word first, quick action,Arrange the strong fruit protection technical service team to carry out the spring fruit tree flower protection and fruit protection technology training activities in townships.In Potou village, Feiyun town, an emergency rehearsal to prevent low temperature and freezing damage is under way.Fei Yun town people’s Congress chairman Lv Junming told reporters, “we actively organize cadres and the masses, solidly carry out frost prevention drills and post-disaster management technology training, on-site guidance fruit farmers to implement orchard frost prevention technology measures played a very good effect.””We actively organized strong fruit protection technical service teams to carry out spring fruit tree protection and flower protection technology training in villages and towns, and mobilized the public to actively stockpile anti-freeze materials to ensure that the loss of low temperature and freezing damage is minimized this year.”Jingchuan County fruit industry bureau director Liu Shuliang said.It is reported that Jingchuan County fruit industry bureau also issued a “notice on effectively do a good job in orchard low temperature frost prevention work”, unified ideological understanding, do a good job in advance of the early warning work.And use the cycle radio, QQ group number, WeChat group, WeChat public carrier such as timely issued the orchard flowering cold frost prevention measures, the necessity and importance of widely publicized orchard flowering cold injury prevention, mobilize the masses to actively participate in, in advance, active reserve enough smoke supplies and antifreeze, implementation of orchard irrigation in advance, control group control,Make full preparations to win the defense against freezing and protecting flowers.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: