In the year of the Tiger, the new Envision Plus paid 5,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan in hot sales

2022-07-23 0 By

The new Buick Envision Plus hits the market!2299-309,900 yuan, and set a new benchmark for medium-sized luxury SUV;The new car is scheduled to pay 5000 to 20000, but also enjoy a large replacement subsidy limit this month;Choose Buick for car and Runhua for service.Envision Plus is positioned as a mid-size SUV based on gm’s all-new VIP smart electronics architecture.With a body size of 4845/1883/1695mm and a wheelbase of 2833mm, it is larger than both the Envision and the Envision S.The side of the body is relatively simple, the waist line under the window runs from the headlamp to the taillight, and the English alphabet logo under the door gives a low-key and luxurious feeling.The new Buick Envision Plus with sculptural lines and smooth shape design, both elegant and dynamic, 4845mm superclass length, superior class 2833mm super long wheelbase, strong field of vision.Intelligent wide fit space layout, integrated luxury elegant interior design, to create intelligent technology cabin, more quietly Tuning library-level quiet technology support, always enjoy quiet and comfortable driving experience (this has added a small program, please check to understand car di client)