Jingzhou: “full throttle” sprint off to a good start

2022-07-23 0 By

Palm huaihua news spring holiday has just passed, the festive atmosphere is still in.Recently, I went to various enterprises in Jingzhou, where production lines were running at full speed, and workers were working overtime to meet orders and strive for a “good start” for the first quarter of 2022.”The start is the sprint.”Located in the production workshop of Hunan Zhantong Communication Technology Co., LTD., located in the industrial concentrated area of Jingzhou, all automatic production lines are in full operation. One by one, parts and components come out from the brand-new assembly line.Rufeng, general manager of the company, thanks to the close service of the park, the enterprise from decoration to production only in less than two months, currently received 50 million yuan orders from Huawei, ZTE and other large enterprises, including the urgent need to produce 300,000 PIECES of PLC products, the company all work overtime, catch the order.”Our post-holiday production schedule is already full and 127 employees are already on duty,” he said.In Hunan Butian Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., staff energy “full”, into the state of “work hard”.Xu Chaodong, chief financial officer of the company, said workers have quickly come out of the festive atmosphere, full of energy busy production.In recent years, Jingzhou has adhered to the principle of “1+8” series documents for high-quality development of county economy. According to the idea of “Party construction leads industrial development, the government builds the park platform, the park cultivates leading enterprises, and the enterprises link with farmers in the base”, the development pattern of “6+1” characteristic industries has been formed.In 2021, there will be 82 enterprises settled in the industrial park, and the number of employees will increase by 38.9%, the income of technology, industry and trade will increase by 37.1%, and the tax revenue will increase by 38.6%. The park will be awarded as “Provincial New Industrialization Demonstration Base” and “Provincial Environmental Protection Integrity Park”.In the comprehensive evaluation of the establishment of “Five good” parks in the province in 2020 and 2021, it ranked first in the whole city and was awarded as the advanced park in the establishment of “Five Good” parks in the province.In 2022, the county plans ahead of time, grasp the progress, the industrial enterprises to take strong measures to speed up the pace of production, strive to sprint the first quarter of the industrial economy off to a good start.At the same time, the various industrial service departments give prominence to key points and actively coordinate services for enterprises, laying a solid foundation for the “good start” of industrial economy.(Liu Jiehua and He Lei)