“People’s Artist” Qin Yi’s 100th birthday

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January 31, 2022 is the 100th birthday of qin Yi, the “People’s Artist”, which is also the 83rd year of her career.Qin Yi was born in Shanghai in 1922. She starred in her first film a Good Husband in 1939 and later performed in plays in Chongqing and Chengdu.In 1941, at the invitation of yunwei ying director, yi qin to join the communist party of China leads the modesto, as “art” in the night scene in the corner of the earth rejuvenation Huang Shuhui, then she has appeared in “the kingdom of heaven in the spring and autumn” the imperial envoys “small wan dong” drama “wedding march” and so on, excellent performance won her the title of “four one of the top actor HuaJuJie”,In the marriage March, because of poor living conditions and fatigue, Qin Yi’s voice hoarse to almost only air sound, under the encouragement of the director, Qin Yi performed three acts and five scenes with air sound, and won the audience’s affirmation.In 1946, Qin Yi returned to Shanghai, after the founding of new China became an actress of Shanghai Film Studio, and served as the deputy director of the Shanghai Film Actors Troupe.After that, she created a lot of roles, such as the protagonist mother in “Mother”, Lin Jie in “Women’s Basketball No. 5”, the anti-japanese woman Fang Linsao in “Railway Guerrillas”, the protagonist Yang Caiyu in the TV series “Shanghai Under a Roof” and so on.Since then, Qin Yi has acted in more than 40 films and TV series, creating countless classic images.In 2019, qin Yi, 97, was awarded the national honorary title of “People’s Artist” as the only representative of The Chinese film industry in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.She is the witness and cultivator of Chinese film history for one hundred years!In 2019, qin Yi accepted an exclusive interview with the Media when she won the national honorary title of “People’s Artist”. No matter how big or small her role is, even if it is just an extra, as long as she is on the scene of the film, Qin Yi always pays attention and strives for perfection. In many films, Qin Yi often plays only two or three scenes.Such as “spring urging peach and Plum” in the old headmaster, “distressed people laugh” in the old actor, “Zhang Heng” in the old woman, but Qin Yi never mind, but a step by step, steadfast from the source of life to find artistic inspiration, she with full of enthusiasm for the cause of literature and art struggle.Yi qin plays lm hong in the “song of youth” in 1959, yi qin in the movie “song of youth” in the corner of lm hong, the character is the key, but in terms of the whole length of components is very small, but yi qin performance with emotion, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people of the character and influence is very big, she will heartfelt emotion vividly reflected in the screen, for yi qin,Art is not “to make a living”, but “for the ideal”.Despite her advanced age, Qin Yi has never given up her pursuit of movies.In 2015, 93-year-old Qin Yi, who produced, wrote and starred in the film Qinghai Lake, even tried to sell her house in order to raise funds. Later, despite dissuasion and opposition, she went to a plateau nearly 4,000 meters above sea level to shoot the film for three months.In 2019, 97-year-old Qin Yi also shot the short film Waiting for you. She did all the shooting in the hospital and devoted herself to the role.In the 2017 film Legend of the Demon Cat, qin Yi, 95, played the role of an old palace maid, and in the 2018 anti-Japanese movie Those Women, Qin yi played the role of an elderly water qin. These were “cameo roles”, but Qin yi’s performance still left a deep impression on the audience.In 2014, Qin Yi accepted the media reporter Zhou Hong interview art noble, noble character, Teacher Qin Yi, happy 100th birthday!Source: CCTV news client