Provincial academy of Agricultural sciences experts to Shiqian County Yuanyang Lake village guidance under the forest white and industry

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February 16, the provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences “double ten” “double hundred” Chinese herbal medicine industry experts, deputy director of the institute wu Mingkai researchers to Shiqian County Fengxiang Yuanyang Lake village investigation forest white and industry.Ming-kai wu village forests in yuanyang lake white and ecological cultivation demonstration base field to see the white and the growth and the management situation, site and local management personnel exchanges township of white and traditional Chinese medicinal materials industry development planning, consulting about white and base construction, and the next step work plan, the mandarin duck lake in the village of white and Chinese herbal medicine industry development is full of confidence, such as recognition prophase work results.Wu Mingkai on-site spring white and weeding, miscellaneous, fertilization and other management technical points for detailed guidance.Currently, liquidambar township yuanyang lake village during the critical period of development, Chinese herbal medicine industry early receive support from the provincial academy of agricultural sciences’ project development forests white and 60 mu, this year in the province rural revitalization and the support of the provincial academy of agricultural sciences’, will expand the scale of development of white and to more than 200 mu, building undergrowth “orchid”, becomes the new business CARDS, yuanyang lake village by farmers grow at the same time,We will explore new ways to become rich.Wu Mingkai said, is now the spring temperature rise, to seize the white and planting opportunity, fast advance white and planting progress, strict control of planting standards, high quality to complete the construction of forest white and ecological cultivation demonstration base.In addition, Wu Mingkai put forward some constructive suggestions on the development planning of understory Baihe industry at the scene, actively contacted the investment enterprises of the industry, and tried to further support the project to expand the construction of 10,000 mu of understory Baihe ecological cultivation demonstration base in Fengxiang Town Yuanyang Lake Village as the core area in Shiqian County.To help realize the goal of “Building 10 billion industrial clusters by focusing on the unique and unique products of Traditional Chinese medicine such as Gastrodia elata, Rhizoma baiji, Yellow essence and Epimedium” in the Five-year Action Plan of Comprehensively Promoting Rural Revitalization in Guizhou Province.Guizhou daily Sky Eye news reporter Liu Shaobo editor Deng Yue Jie editor Zhao Yongjun