There’s a group of people in the apartment building working their phones all day, and it turns out it’s a criminal gang

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Modern Express news (correspondent Wang Liqian Ji Longwei reporter Wang Xiaoyu) recently, Lianyungang Guannan police through information research and judgment and dragnet distribution control, with one fell swone destroyed in order to drainage customer financial management under the guise of hunting and selling more than 15,000 pieces of personal information criminal gangs.Wu mou, Li mou headed 15 gang members all arrested.In mid-March, qiaoxi police Station of Guannan County Public Security Bureau received a report from the public that a group of people were making phone calls in room 813 of an apartment building all day and acting suspiciously.Through careful investigation and information analysis, the police quickly determined that this was a criminal gang that hunted and sold personal information under the guise of directing customers’ financial management.The gang is composed of 15 members, such as Wu and Li.On the afternoon of March 28, qiaoxi police station dispatched elite police, with the assistance of criminal investigation, synthetic investigation center, network security and other professional departments, the success will be apartment building room 813 using telephone drainage customer financial management of 15 involved gang members all captured.After the trial, Wu mou and Li mou account, in early May 2021, they get to know a net friend who claims to do financial management business named Feifei, Feifei expects Wu mou and Li mou to organize customer service staff telephone drainage, guide customers to add wechat, into her financial micro channel group, so as to obtain customer information.Fifi to wu mou, Li Mou provided numerous customer telephone, promise to press the requirement each to provide an information can obtain certain reward.△ A suspect under investigation idle Wu, Li called 13 customer service personnel, rented a square apartment building room 813, together in accordance with the set up process, began to call drainage customers to add wechat, join Feifei’s financial management wechat group, and promised to other customer service in accordance with the number of information to reward.Through the investigation, Wu mou, Li mou total illegal access to more than 15,000 citizens of personal information.Wu from the illegal profit of 26,000 yuan, Li from the illegal profit of more than 60,000 yuan.At present, Wu mou, Li mou and other 15 people have been taken criminal compulsory measures by the south Police according to law, the case is being further tried.(Photo provided by police)