What about Lin Su, who auctioned Lin Huiyin’s dowry for 2.18 million yuan?Lin huiyin’s mother: Thanks to her all these years

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It is well known that the marriage of Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng was a rare and miraculously perfect union in the Republic of China.This match made in heaven, also doomed later Lin Zhu, always is an “eyesore” existence.In people’s eyes, her talent, appearance, and even moral character are not one thousandth of That of Lin Huiyin.This is also doomed: in his later years, Liang Sicheng decided to marry again, what he got was not the blessing of his friends, but his close friends and relatives away from him.But it is this controversial Lin Zhu, but Lin Huiyin’s mother’s heartfelt approval.That is called he Xueyuan of the old style woman, after the long and difficult 90 years of life, remembering all kinds of past events, finally left the gratitude and understanding of Lin Zhu: “thanks to you these years, they do not understand your suffering!”He Xueyuan has never been an easy mother.She is a typical old-style woman, in order to renew the identity of the Lin family married, accepted the task, is to bear children, to carry on the family line.Lin family is a famous scholarly family, although He Xueyuan is a second string, but also from a rich family of businessmen, because of such a noble identity, and Lin Huiyin’s father married.Traditional women are virtuous and virtuous, but He Xueyuan’s life seems to be a little twisted.She wants the approbate of husband Lin Changmin, do not wish to be trapped in the responsibility of traditional woman however, those frequent petulant, the small woman means that does not have a law to make a temper, mean to let the husband pay attention to oneself, unluckily push the husband more and more far however.She yearns to carry on the family line for the Lin family, gave birth to the daughter Lin Huiyin that he does not like however;Xu is god deters pity, later she gets a wish finally, but who also did not expect, in a dispute with her mother-in-law, she dropped the one’s own son that loves most.This sudden tragedy, also let he Xueyuan’s character and fate, produce sharp change.After that, she seemed to live like Xianglin Sister-in-law, crying to the young Lin Huiyin over and over again about her son who died early;When that husband remarries concubine room, he Xueyuan seems to have too much hate, hate her husband’s ruthlessness, hate her mother-in-law’s unruly, hate her daughter’s disaffection, hate god’s tease…Hatred, by degrees, robbed her of her reason;So that, she never realized, husband Lin Changmin also ever tried to be close to her, always dignified and sensible mother-in-law, also ever had contained her tomfoolery and capricious, clever clever daughter Lin Huiyin, more with silent company means, look forward to eliminate her resentment and injustice.But these acceptance, in he Xueyuan’s eyes, has become a pity and contempt.So, during those years of living alone in the backyard, she complained again and again, hated again and blamed again…Such a childhood environment left a shadow on Lin Huiyin.So she wrote to a friend, “My own mother sent me to hell. I was so exhausted and hurt that I went to bed wishing I had died or never been born into such a family.”After Lin huiyin married Liang Sicheng, she took her mother He Xueyuan home to take care of her.She had always been an intelligent woman, and the last thing she wanted was to dwell on moldy childhood memories;But mother He Xueyuan is backward narrow-minded however, cannot put down the grievance that oneself suffers in Lin jia and painful.This resentment and dissatisfaction, so that she can not control the past button, the mottled and tasteless black and white memory, played again and again to her daughter Lin Huiyin, forcing her daughter in the shadow of childhood through.When the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression broke out, Lin huiyin and Liang Sicheng traveled to Kunming with their children and mother.Suffering from poverty and illness, Lin’s strength was almost exhausted.But He Xueyuan’s resentment is growing.She is always nothing quarrel, is not for the trifles quarrel with the servant, is for the parents and daughter angry, make Lin Huiyin almost nervous breakdown;Fortunately, there is a good temper of her husband Liang Sicheng to reconcile, the mother and daughter will not become enemies.However, the fate of Lin Huiyin is jealous, half of her life for her career, at the age of 51, a tortured lung took her life.After her daughter died, She went to live with her son-in-law, Liang Sicheng.All of the above, he Xueyuan’s mother-in-law, also destined to be unable to let Liang Sicheng worry.As a typical scholar, Liang Sicheng had brilliant academic achievements, but he knew nothing about life.In particular, after The death of Lin Huiyin, Liang Sicheng not only to take care of the family, but also to take care of the old nonsense of his mother-in-law, more energy to research ancient building materials…Living alone is doomed to be powerless.Seven years after The death of Lin Huiyin, Liang sicheng’s decision to marry Lin Zhu was a combination of his desire for company and his commitment to her as a nanny.In addition to the long and lonely escape of his old age, I think Liang sicheng needed a right-hand man to take care of his family and his mother-in-law, who was sometimes grumpy at that time.When Liang Sicheng insisted on marrying Lin Zhu, he almost suffered the price of betrayal.The estrangement between friends and relatives is not because liang sicheng is opposed to remarrying, but because he cannot accept it: that person is Lin Zhu.To this end, his friend Shen Congwen once wrote a letter to liang Sicheng and urged him: Lin Zhu loves money.Is this bad impression, but also Lin Zhu on the choice of marriage: in order to live a day, once she married young tsinghua professor cheng should be the key, but when her husband hard plight, she chose to refuse, and resolute don’t let her husband and children meet, the refuse and cruel, also drove the husband threw herself into the lake of despair.So in the eyes of the surrounding people, Lin Zhu is to have a beautiful and decent identity, just choose to marry Liang Sicheng.Undeniably, the Lin Zhu after marry into liang home, had really “the car receives the car to send” “highly respected” decent life.But behind such pride and pride, it is unable to talk about fatigue and grievance.She married Liang Sicheng, but there was no love in this marriage. What she had was the stability and care that an old man longed for most.After marrying Liang Sicheng, Lin Zhu began to be busy as a nanny. She not only had to take care of her husband in his 60s, but also took care of Lin Huiyin’s mother in her 80s.In order to win liang sicheng’s approval and smile, she was busy with housework all day, almost no time to breathe.Lin huiyin’s mother has always been unruly and capricious, which also doomed Lin Zhu’s fatigue.She should not only take care of the old lady’s daily life, more to appease the old lady ferial nonsense and capricious, but also listen to the old lady to the past resentment and curse…In addition, He Xueyuan likes to eat braised pork in soy sauce, because like, she never considers her son-in-law Liang Sicheng whether to have economic burden, so, even if Liang Sicheng’s old age career is thwarted, the family is crowded in the broken house with air leak everywhere, Lin Zhu still can do everything possible to make the braised pork in soy sauce that the old lady likes most…No one knew how she did it, liang Sicheng never asked, she never said.It can be said that in liang sicheng’s last days, almost all the warmth came from Lin Zhu.When he was terminally ill, he sighed to a friend who came to visit him, “Thanks to Lin Su!”Later, Liang Sicheng died because of illness, Lin Zhu resolutely took over the burden, formally take care of the life of he Xueyuan.In 1973, he Xueyuan died peacefully at the age of 90. The old lady, who had hated others all her life, expressed her rare gratitude and deep understanding to Lin Zhu, who had been with her all these years, “Thanks to your care, they do not know your suffering!”In dispute of a variety of enmity and enmity, the He Xueyuan of unknown reason, gave Lin Zhu the comfort that yearns most however…But these relief, to Lin Zhu, is it not a silent irony?Liang sicheng died of illness in his later years. He left his friends with the exclamation, “Thanks to Lin Su…”He Xueyuan died, leaving Lin Zhu’s exclamation is: “these years, thanks to your care…”They thanked her, even thanked her, but the words were always polite.In particular, liang Sicheng, as her husband, had been accompanied and cared for by Lin Zhu for ten years, but what did he give Lin Zhu?Is Lin Zhu’s own child, always crowded in the narrow house with the grandmother, is Lin Zhu and Lin Huiyin’s daughter quarrel, his irrelevant “why”?It is the cautious heart that he handed over all his savings to his mother-in-law He Xue-won during the ten years he spent with Lim Soo.He didn’t love her, but he married her;Married her and never treated her well…A woman’s heart is made of ice, hard and clear.Seemingly invincible, but only afraid of time.When time will be cold ice shell melting, that soft heart, there is love and hate involved.Man’s frailty, always let a woman hurt;His jealousy and unwillingness eventually led Lin To try to whitewash the truth of the marriage, and in the 30 years since Liang’s death, Lin has embarked on a path of criticism.She wrote a memoir, but in her pen, Lin Huiyin became a “take photos always like hard concave shape” hypocritical woman, become “in Liang Sicheng and Jin Yuelin sway between” immoral wife, become “liang Sicheng crying to marry liang family” not good daughter-in-law…Later, she even began auctioning Lin’s dowry.Whether it is the qing Dynasty embroidery pieces collected by Lin Huiyin, the engagement text with Liang Sicheng, wedding gifts sent by friends, or dowry mahogany boxes…All of them were sold by Lim Soo without any memory of them.The items were not known until the museum that Lin sold them, and later the Lin Huiyin Memorial Museum.The most famous is “build French” 34 volume appendix a volume, directly patted a high price of 2.18 million yuan.This is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture, which has been born for thousands of years.It was a gift from Liang Qichao to Lin Huiyin.Lin huiyin and Liang Sicheng, who have studied the architecture for thousands of years, love the gift so much that they read it over and over again and made numerous comments. The value of the gift cannot be measured by money.But finally, this precious classic book, also become Lin Zhu and Lin Huiyin “struggle” eyesore existence.After thinking about it, she is not really a bad person, but years of hopeless expectations, which also caused her too much resentment and hidden pain, and finally became a person like He Xueyuan, who struggles with herself and the past.She tried to prove that Liang loved her and even made public the love letters he had written for her.It was the only romance and love liang sicheng expressed during their ten-year marriage.Nothing to him, nothing to her.She is also a woman, also want to listen to some romantic confidences, can pay and wait for many years, but only in return for that meaningful sentence “thanks to Linzhu”, all love but not grievance, finally trapped in her obsession.And because of obsession, the absurd behavior derived, also let Lin Zhu become the clown in the eyes of the world, deplorable…Truly understand her grievances and pay, only He Xueyuan.That mischief unruly, always want to make some noise of the old lady, become her walk in life a light.Weak and small, but let Lin Zhu felt a long look forward to the recognition and acceptance.But at the end of the day, both are poor people who have been trapped by obsession all their lives…————END———— other recommendations — 15 days after his wife died, he turned around and wrote love letters to schoolgirls;The response of the other side, let him have painful unspeakable 1965, Lu Xiaoman desolate death;9 words on the tombstone, become the biggest satirist of her life: the beginning of picking up from the legendary experience of the man of the moment, quenching the dull life of the awakening maxim!Original works, plagiarism shall be prosecuted;Figure source network, infringement stand delete!If you like this article, please give it a thumbs up