Why is the ice ribbon so white?Did you really spill milk?

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The speed skating competition of the Beijing Winter Olympics will begin on May 5.At present, many training games are going on, and the athletes and the stadium operation team are making the final preparations.When seeing the “ice Ribbon” of the National Speed Skating Hall for the first time, athletes are always attracted by the ice as smooth as milk and start taking pictures.Smooth as ribbon, smooth as marble, transparent as a mirror and white as milk, the Beijing Winter Olympics logo and the words “BEIJING2022” stand out on the warm-up track.Speed skaters take part in the “Ice Ribbon” training in Beijing, Capital of China, Jan. 28, 2019.Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Xu 2, in the “ice ribbon” conducted the second training competition before the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, including Ning Zhongyan, Wang Haotian, Yin Qi and other Chinese speed skating team members appeared in order to find the competition condition, adapt to the pace of the competition.Since its opening on January 27, the “Ice Ribbon” has received numerous praise. Why is the ice so white when it should be as bright as a mirror?Wu Xiaonan, director of the operation team of the National Speed Skating Hall, answered the question at a recent press conference.Wu xiaonan said the ice is white not because of milk, but because of an environmentally friendly paint added to the ice making process.”Before the speed skating hall was built, I also thought there was milk. Later, according to the old-timers, at the earliest, milk was really poured into it, but now it is a kind of environmentally friendly ice paint.”Wu Xiaonan said.Dutch speed skaters practice at the “Ice Ribbon” on Jan. 28.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei, according to the introduction of the “ice ribbon” ice, the thickness of the general between 2.5-3 cm, divided into bottom ice, ice paint and surface ice.The bottom ice determines the hardness of the whole ice surface, which is an important index affecting the sliding experience of athletes.Wu Xiaonan outlined the ice-making process.”First of all, the ice maker sprinkles the bottom ice several times. Different water ratios have different electrical conductivity, which is very important for the bottom ice. It needs to keep the ice stiff.Then, brush the bottom ice with environmentally friendly ice paint, and you will see the white.On top of the ice paint, a layer of water is used to make ice, and logos and lines are drawn.A piece of white, clean ice that looks like marble is basically done.”The ice truck performs the ice pouring operation in the interval of training.In addition, to form this “whitest ice”, the ice system is also very key, this is by a variety of professionals through four years to jointly create the carbon dioxide trans-critical refrigeration system ice scheme, a total of nine layers of structure, is the most environmentally friendly ice making method.According to the introduction, carbon dioxide ice with green environmental protection, ice flat and uniform and energy saving three characteristics.Carbon dioxide is 20 percent more efficient than conventional refrigerant-made ice.”In other words, to make the same block of ice, because it’s more efficient, it uses less power, and the whole process can save 20 percent of electricity.”Wu Xiaonan said.”We hope that through the beauty of the appearance and feeling, athletes can bring a comfortable mood and a better sliding experience.”I hope they can achieve good results and make Ice Ribbon the fastest ice in the world.”Wu Xiaonan said.A total of 14 gold MEDALS will be awarded at the Beijing Winter Olympics on the “ribbon of ice”, which is as white as milk.Reporters: Li Dian, Yue Ranran (source: Xinhua View)