Xihuachi Town: Let “Returning forest to Farmland” consolidate “Granary of Longdong”

2022-07-23 0 By

Since March, Xihuachi Town, Heshui County, has insisted on promoting the reclamation and reseeding of rural forest and fruit land, seedling land and abandoned land as an important starting point to strictly observe the red line of cultivated land and ensure food security. Based on the actual cultivated land of the town, classified policies have been carried out to carry out the regulation action of “returning forest to land” and make the “lying flat” cultivated land “live”.One is to accurately understand the factors of abandoned farmland.In combination with the confirmation and registration of the contracted management rights of rural land, each village comprehensively mapped out the situation of seedling cultivation of contracted farmland and the situation of “non-grain” cultivated land, and set up a working ledger with the village as a unit to mark the information of forestland and “non-grain” cultivated land.On the basis of finding out the bottom number, carefully analyze and study the type of forestland and the degree of difficulty to retreat forest, implement policies according to the place, formulate regulation measures and organize to carry out regulation work.Second, we must firmly guard the “pole” of public opinion.By meeting, WeChat group of publicity, village-level loudspeakers, Posting signs, household visited a variety of ways, vigorously promote the cultivated land protection policy, food security, abandoned land regulation, laws and regulations, such as content, make people fully realize the protection of cultivated land, restore farming is their duty, to “want me” into “I want”.We will mobilize the people to take the initiative to clear seedlings, return forests to farmland, and ensure that all permanent basic farmland is used to grow grain crops, so as to ensure the bottom line of food security.Third, classifying and identifying “ideas” for governance.Hold spring and fruit seedling transplantation, sales of “golden period”, villages according to the principle of “who woodland, who claim”, according to the different situation of refund of woodland and ease to ShiCe classification, actively promote the disposal, on behalf of the schiscosomiasis measures, such as sales and clean up the farmland seedling grew well, mobilize the masses to guide to sales, and teng, woodland;The seedling growth is poor and difficult to sell, and the masses are unable to clean up, by the village group to assist the use of centralized machinery cleaning;To ensure the smooth development of forest work.Fourth, improve the “pillars” of long-term management and protection.Establish a mechanism of cultivated land protection, strictly implement the “returning back Lin” requirements, seize farming organization as a whole labor, machinery and other resources to focus on the woods and jurisdiction, seedling, abandoned centrally cleared, encourage people to restore after farmland planting forage corn, potato and other food crops, truly make “abandoned” Lin “field” to get rich.At the same time, led by the main responsible person of the township party and government, the villages of “returning forests to farmland” renovation work to carry out supervision and inspection from time to time, the implementation of renovation as an important basis for year-end assessment, forced to promote the “returning forests to farmland” work to achieve actual results.(Source: Website of Heshui County People’s Government)