140 square meters three-stage house, modern and French style collision, awakening healing, comfortable living atmosphere

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The case that XIAobian shares today is a three-stage family, parents, husband and wife and their son who is more than one year old live together.The owner wanted to be able to get enough movement space within the inherent frame.Here, not only feel the warmth of home, but also let every family member living here feel at ease, feel comfortable and relaxed.▲ Original house map original house to meet the needs of the owners of life, only children’s room to expand, the rest of the local shape to be transformed.Five people live, fall into place, more take a fancy to the interaction of the space and flexible.▲ Layout design strategy: 1. Divide the area carefully, and make clear their respective functions.2. The collision and fusion of modern and French styles, the use of glass, iron, plaster lines and other elements interspersed, awaken a cure, comfortable living atmosphere.3. Accurately control the size of furniture in each space to create a spacious activity space for five people, establish a subordinate relationship between the occupant and the space, and create a new and beautiful life.A large amount of blank space in the living room creates a contracted space surface, French lines as the icing on the cake elegant pen, both cooperate, to achieve a kind of natural calm.Store content ark in different functional area with continuous, harmonious form series in series, present the balance aesthetic feeling on the vision.Every day, abundant natural morning light pours into the room, where the family begins the day with beautiful company.Scale of conformity furniture and volume, for family activity reservation gives wider space, present a kind of harmonious atmosphere.Hanging pictures, carpets, polar bear sides, wall lamps, tea tables, cute and interesting, complement each other, to achieve the unity of color sense and texture, to inject more vitality and art into the space.Living room The living room and dining room are separated by a romantic French arched door, showing a sense of ritual space.Dining room choose round table, rich sense of dining atmosphere, let the family more and happy.The couple’s hobbies are photography and travel. They often accompany each other to different parts of the world, and the best souvenir is the scenery along the way taken by themselves.8 photo collection is horizontal spread out, it is male house advocate one zhang hang with one’s own hands make, make dining-room space dot eyeball pen, and meaningful.The kitchen is separated from the dining room by the changhong glass sliding door, which is open and independent, conducive to the connection and interaction between family members, but also improve the convenience of life.The kitchen is designed with a generous 3000mmx1800mm storage space, which makes the kitchen not messy even if it has a high frequency of use.Of black and white spell tile ornament, let originally plain and clean space more amorous feelings and artistic feeling.Advocate lie advocate lie design push-type double door inside, build an elegant and new exquisite experience, concise square lines enhance the three-dimensional sense of space.Elegant soft pink, modern elephant grey and soft fabric form visual tension, presenting a French languid meaning, creating a boundless comfort to the owner.At the end of the bed, a whole storage cabinet is designed, and decorative paintings are put in the black open case to increase the sense of space art.Metope is decorated with gesso line, slam the door redundant adorn article, the space is concise and elegant.Children’s room Children’s room blends in light tong qu in the gentle space created by plain white.The space is a wooden storage space of the same shape on one side, and a color separation wall of the castle on the other side.The chandelier is in the shape of a cloud, creating a fun space that feels safe for children just entering the age of enlightenment.Bathroom Hermes orange with retro arc-shaped mirror with Chinese and Western eclectic artistic conception, rich vision for every day into fresh and vitality.