A man was convicted in 2016 after he took his female neighbor to a cornfield, where she resisted and was killed

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Early October in Jilin Province is the time to harvest corn.Harvest season should be festive, work for half a year finally have a harvest, every family is busy and happy.But li Xin, she is not happy, on this day, she is going to die, someone wants to invade her, invasion does not succeed to kill her.Li Xin, a 35-year-old woman with two children, was missed by the married man in her neighborhood.The man took her to a cornfield.There are not many people here, men lust heart, Li Xin does not know it.He said to Li Xin, “I will help you harvest the corn. Can you be with me?”Li Xin didn’t say anything. She thought li Xin agreed.He began to grope Li Xin. He tackled Li Xin to the ground.Li Xin began to shout.He’s afraid of what he wants to do, and he knows li Xin knows too.But he didn’t want anyone to know except them. They were all in the neighborhood, and he was afraid of the effect it would have on his appearance.Li Xin: I don’t want you to scream. I hold you by the neck until you don’t hear anything.He killed……The incident is narrated according to the evidence of the criminal and the police investigation!October 5, 2015, Li Xin wanted to go to the corn field to harvest corn after breakfast.Before she left, she told the two children that they would have a good meal at noon. I would come back and cook some vegetables for you to eat.The child agreed.The child did not think that this had become the mother’s last words, again they have been separated forever.Where is Li Xin’s husband?Her husband is away all the year round, in order to earn more money, her husband went to work in other places.There are only three of them in the house.Now Li Xin is walking to the field, she has some melon seeds in her pocket, she is eating and eating, there is a camera at the entrance of their village, this scene happened to be recorded.It was her back, the last video of her alive.She also met her neighbor Zhang Lin. Zhang Lin and his wife were driving home from the field with the newly harvested corn. Zhang Lin asked her, “What are you going to do?”Li Xin said he was going to harvest corn in the field!There’s no one in the corn field. I’m interested in Li Xin. I’ve been wanting to have sex with li Xin for a long time.And now he wants to seize it!Li Xin’s husband is not at home all the year round. He is about the same age as Li Xin. I think Li Xin has certain needs.He really wants to be the person who can provide for Li Xin’s physical needs besides her husband.In the process of their getting along, he intentionally or unintentionally expressed to Li Xin many times.But li Xin turned them all down.He never gave up. He always looked for an opportunity.But Li Xin is a very decent person. She’s very loyal to her husband and no one can take advantage of her.Now Li Xin is walking to her cornfield. There is no one in the cornfield. Many things can happen in the cornfield.When zhang Lin got home, he didn’t have time to unload the corn. Then he got on his motorcycle and caught up with Li Xin.Zhang Lin’s wife thinks that zhang Lin is a little abnormal today. He usually unloads corn.This time, however, without a word, he rode away on his motorcycle.What did he do?”Muttered his wife.Li Xin’s home is some distance from the corn field, she has not walked to her own field, she does not know the danger is approaching her, Zhang Lin wants to do something wrong to her.Now Zhang Lin caught up with her on his motorcycle.Zhang Lin told her, “Come on, I will take you to the field.”Li Xin didn’t think much, although he said he had an idea of his own, but, he clearly rejected him, and again are all neighbors he really can bully hard bow?She got on Zhang Lin’s motorbike, and their houses were very close to each other.Zhang Lin put the motorcycle on his field. Li Xin is also breaking off corn in his field.Before breaking off a few, Zhang Lin came over.Zhang Lin went to her field to find her and told her, “Let me help you. It is not easy for you to be alone.”Li Xin: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.Zhang Lin said, I will pull corn for you in a while, but you have to be good with me.Being good with me here means you’re going to be my valentine.Li Xin didn’t say anything. Li Xin didn’t say anything.But, in zhang Lin’s opinion, he said so clearly. Before, he also expressed his love to her many times. This time she did not speak, he thought Li Xin was tacit.Zhang Lin: I feel so good about myself. I think Li Xin accepts me.Li Xin: I don’t think so.Li Xin starts to fight back. She shouts loudly.But there was no one near them, and no one heard her scream.Li Xin shouted, but Zhang Lin cried out in fear.He put an elbow in li xin’s throat and took off li xin’s clothes.After a while, he felt that Li had stopped moving and even stopped breathing.He pushed Li xin once, no response, this time he knew he had killed.He is very confused, he said he did not think of murder, he just want to have sex with Li Xin.But what about a man’s life now?What about the body?He thought for a while, and then took a shovel and dug a pit directly in Li Xin’s field. The pit was 40 centimeters deep, so he put Li Xin into the pit and buried her hastily.Then he took the shovel to their property and threw it into a puddle.Li Xin is dead. No one knows except Zhang Lin.Li Xin’s two children are still waiting for their mother to come back and cook lunch.Li Xin is a regular person. When she has dinner, she goes home on time. But today is different.Li Xin didn’t come back at noon. Her two children were not in a hurry and thought their mother would be late.But when it was dark and mother had not returned, they began to worry.Li Xin’s husband hurried back.Li Xin’s family called the police more than 20 hours after she disappeared.At noon on October 6, the public Security bureau of Fuyu City, Jilin Province, led local villagers to search the whole cornfield of Li Xin’s home, but they did not find Li Xin’s people.They see li Xin broke off some of the corn, the corn did not break off much, how li Xin suddenly disappeared?This time they had to investigate the scene carefully. They found some melon seeds in the place where Li Xin broke off corn. These seeds were not cracked, that is, whole.How could whole seeds fall to the ground?Unless one kind of possibility, Li Xin was attacked, she resisted, in the process of resistance, her pocket filled with melon seeds fell to the ground.Following this lead, the police saw one area where a field of corn had been dumped and the corn on each stalk had not been broken off.Under normal circumstances, this phenomenon does not occur.It looks like someone is overpowered. Is someone trying to invade Li Xin?What is certain now is that Li Xin has been attacked, and it is most likely that he is dying.It can also be speculated that the murderer may be from the village, should be familiar with Li Xin, her family is very familiar with things.Li Xin’s husband is out of the house, so no one will come to the field to look for li Xin.Based on that theory, the killer shouldn’t be hard to find.But where is Li Xin?If he was killed, he’d have to have a body.The police increased the investigation efforts, this time the investigation is very careful, focus on whether there is the possibility of buried bodies.After six hours of searching, they found a different piece of soil. This one was covered with corn leaves, and the soil was loose, as if it had been turned over.This is just the right place to bury the next one.When they saw this piece of land, many people knew that li Xin should be buried here.But we really don’t want to find Li Xin’s body here.They began to dig, and with a shovel they easily dug up the earth.A few shovels down, the red clothes show, Li Xin was killed when wearing red clothes.This is obviously where Li Xin was buried.Li Xin, who had died, was dug up, her clothes disheveled and her trousers pulled down to her knees. It was obvious that someone was trying to do something wrong to her.She fought back, and. she was killed.Who killed her?Fortunately, there’s a camera at the entrance to the village. Look what the camera caught?The police called in the surveillance cameras at the entrance of the village and found that sun Bin, a villager from the same village, came back from the field with a shovel, and he was the only one who came back with a shovel that day.The man who killed Li Xin also used a spade to dig the ground and bury the body.Could it be this Sun Bin?After the villagers’ reaction, we learned that sun Bin and Li Xin’s family had a dispute, also because of the land, they had a quarrel.Could it be that Sun Bin took advantage of Li Xin’s inattention and then attacked Li Xin?The police called In Sun Bin for questioning.Sun Bin said that he had two plots of land and they were far away from each other. He did not go to work in the fields adjacent to Li Xin’s, nor did he see Li Xin that day. He still had witnesses.After field visits to understand, Sun Bin is indeed no time to commit crimes.He was ruled out.Who was it?The police plan to conduct a comprehensive investigation. The village has a total of 80 households and more than 200 people. Most of the young people have gone to work, so it is easy to conduct a comprehensive investigation.After the investigation, the investigation went to Zhang Lin’s head.Why did the investigation end up with him?It turned out that he rode a motorcycle with Li Xin to the field that scene, is seen by other villagers.Only he and Li Xin alone contact, and he is one of the village’s few young adults, he is very suspected.The police found Zhang Lin, Zhang Lin said he did take Li Xin to the ground.We are all neighbors, and he happens to be going to the field, so he will pick up Li Xin on the way. Is that a problem?There really is no problem.However, let the police doubt is that when Li Xin went to the ground, is met Zhang Lin and his wife pulling the corn home.After a while, Zhang Lin came out again on his motorcycle. Then he took Li Xin with him to the field.Is this normal?If Zhang Lin committed the crime, he would not tell the truth!So the police tracked down Zhang’s wife, who said that on that day, Zhang was not himself. He drove his car to the house and drove away on his motorcycle instead of helping to unload the corn.And he didn’t say what to do?His wife said that in the evening he said he was going to see the fields again. I wonder what he was going to see.Zhang Lin’s wife did not think her husband had killed the man, or she had an evil plot against Li Xin.The police began to scrutinize Zhang Lin. Where had he been that day?What have you used?They found the spade in Zhang Lin’s field!This spade should normally be put in a dry place, but zhang Lin’s spade was actually put in the ditch, integrated with the information obtained during the day, it is obvious that zhang Lin is the most suspected.The police want to step up their search for him.On the night that the police launched their search for him, Zhang Lin and his wife talked about Li Xin.Zhang Lin’s wife said, “How can Li Xin be so alive that he died after only one day’s absence?Who did it?Zhang Lin told his wife that IT was I who did this.His wife couldn’t believe it. She thought she had heard wrong.Zhang Lin said several times that he had killed the man, and he was a little emotional.He said he was under a lot of pressure now that the police were on him. He would never get away.He asked his wife, what should he do?His wife told him you should turn yourself in if you kill someone.Besides, the police wouldn’t have questioned you if they already had some evidence.How is it possible to hide a murder of this magnitude from the police?Hearing his wife tell him to turn himself in, he went to the police.He admitted that he had killed Li Xin.I’ve thought about having sex with Li Xin many times. I like Li Xin very much. I just want Her to be my lover.But he never thought he’d kill Li Xin in that tense situation.Until Li Xin shouted loudly, he did not know the original is their own wishful thinking!On July 3, 2016, The Intermediate People’s Court of Songyuan City, Jilin Province, sentenced zhang Lin, a criminal suspect, to death with a reprieve for intentional homicide.It was an evil idea that led to the tragedy of both families.Li Xin was killed, leaving behind her husband and two children.Zhang Lin went in for murder.Now his wife is equal to no husband, children without a father!I wonder what he would have thought of his wife, of her being approached by another man?