Ali Cloud database backup DBS and the British side to achieve RDS MySQL disaster recovery service collaborative solution

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Shanghai Yingfa Software Co., Ltd. is a DRI China disaster recovery level 5 certification enterprise, and has been successfully selected as 2021 Credit and Innovation Industry practitioner and evergreen enterprise. IDC 2021H1DR&PSW report shows that Yingfa software maintains the leading market share level among domestic professional manufacturers.As a basic software manufacturer focusing on data replication, UK is committed to the research and development and promotion of replication technologies related to dynamic files, database logs and cloud data, helping users to break data islands, realize data interconnection and protect the development of digital economy.In order to achieve seamless database protection across the cloud, the links between the cloud and the cloud are complex.There are so many links in hybrid cloud that data security cannot be ignored.• Cloud instance local reconstruction, instance conversion error prone Cloud instance restoration to the locally built database, migration requires additional configuration conversion, instance conversion error prone.• Automated recovery process, not easy to implement The migration recovery process is complex, there are many steps, it is difficult to achieve one-click program.DBS (Database Backup) is a low-cost, highly reliable cloud native Database Backup platform provided by Ali Cloud.DBS supports full and incremental backup of dozens of common databases and files, and can quickly restore and pull up terabyte backup data in seconds.(2) DBS supports custom recovery drill. Users can customize the drill frequency and logic to effectively ensure the accuracy and integrity of backup data.At the same time, users can start the analysis and query of backup data at any time according to their needs, so as to meet the business demands of data audit, data analysis and insight, and further excavate and enhance the business value of backup data. It is the preferred enterprise-level hybrid cloud unified backup platform for customers.③ The OBJECT storage management product i2DTO provides a solution for the interworking between object storage and local storage, implements minute-level scheduled synchronization, and supports the up-cloud and down-cloud migration of database backup data.④ British data backup and recovery product i2Backup is an enterprise-level data backup management software, providing backup and recovery solutions for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and other databases, assisting RDS backup set to restore to locally built databases, and realizing hybrid cloud instance migration.Service architecture: ➣ provides local storage protection for backup sets on the RDS cloud and offline RDS recovery capability, and implements unified Dr Management for database instances in a hybrid cloud environment on the cloud.➣ Hybrid cloud architecture optimizes customer resource usage: Customers can use idle local storage to implement off-cloud backup, improve disaster recovery capabilities, and fully utilize idle local resources.At the same time, when customers’ services change and need to release RDS, local backup protection can avoid the problem of non-rollback.➣ One-click automatic recovery greatly reduces the RTO during RDS recovery: The database recovery time is changed from hour to minute, shortening the recovery time by about 90%, realizing quick emergency takeover, reducing the dependence on technical personnel, and reducing the cost of database reconstruction.➣ assists in the migration and intercommunication of the on-cloud and off-cloud databases, and constructs the database transformation pathway: provides a local single-instance copy environment for RDS, which can be used for testing verification, data analysis and other purposes to ensure zero interference to the source database data on the cloud.