At 3pm, China women’s Basketball team beat France!The MVP, a 26-year-old national player from Meizhou, Guangdong province, won by 33 points

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The Chinese women’s basketball team played the third match of the preliminary round of the World Cup on February 14 at 3 am Beijing time, after winning two games in a row to clinch the qualification for the World Cup in advance.However, this game China women’s basketball team is against the powerful French women’s basketball team, which is an active world ranked fifth team, China women’s basketball team needs to all-out attack.But in the end, The Chinese women’s basketball team won in a crushing way, 103-70. China defeated France by 33 points, ending the world Preliminary round in Belgrade with an unbeaten record of 3 consecutive wins.The star of China’s women’s basketball team in the final was Huang Sijing, the 26-year-old forward who led the team in scoring with 30 points, seven rebounds and six assists on just 14 shots.However, Huang Sijing did not take all the credit after the match, but gave credit to the team for the victory, showing her emotional intelligence. Huang Sijing also called out the goal of the World Cup for The Chinese women’s basketball team, and tried to surpass the results of the last World Cup.Huang sijing said after the match: “Thank you very much for our team. I think first of all, no matter how I perform personally, I would not have this team. Therefore, our overall goal in the next World Cup should be better than the last one.”Thanks to the excellent performance of this match, Huang Sijing also won two honors in this world Preliminary competition. She contributed 16.3 points, 8.3 boards and 6.7 assists in the three games, ranking top 3 in the team. Meanwhile, she contributed an average of 26 super-high efficiency value (ranking first in the division), and was elected MVP of Belgrade Division.In addition, Huang Sijing and Li Yueru were selected to the best team of the tournament, China team is selected to the best team of the most teams, it can be seen that The Chinese women’s basketball team is the big winner of the preliminary round of the World Cup, 3 consecutive wins, smooth into the World Cup.For the 26-year-old si-jing huang, now is the peak of her career, si-jing huang from meizhou of guangdong province, in the youth period is of the same age, in 2014 to represent the team YaQingSai, si-jing huang led the team win, men also won player of the tournament MVP,, best striker and team performances, fully reveal dominance.At the age of 20, Huang Sijing won the WCBA Regular Season MVP, which is one of the best forwards in China during the same period. Since 2019, Huang Sijing helped Guangdong Team and Inner Mongolia Women’s Basketball Team win the WCBA championship for three consecutive years. During this period, Huang Sijing also won the FINALS MVP.The accolades reflect the excellence of Huang Sijing, a 26-year-old national player from Meizhou, Guangdong province, who is one of the best current Chinese women’s basketball players.In the future, Huang Sijing still has many achievements to pursue, such as helping The Chinese women’s basketball team to win a medal in the Olympic Games and reaching the semi-finals of the Women’s Basketball World Cup. At the age of 26, Huang Sijing is at her peak and her story is still going on. I believe that Huang Sijing will win more honors.(Lin Xiaoshi)