Back to the south again?The temperature in Shenzhen will rise and fall in the next few days. As long as it is not wet, the low temperature is not afraid..

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If there is any weather let shenzhen people a second EMO, that back to the south will be on the list.Some time ago, “back to the south”, I believe you still remember, everywhere wet feeling can be too uncomfortable.The fear of returning to the south remains.However, today and tomorrow, the warm and wet air will come back, with frequent rain and possibly accompanied by a southward phenomenon.However, fortunately, compared with the last “king” southwest airflow, this time belongs to the “bronze” level, the southward phenomenon is not so obvious.If last time was “water curtain cave”, this time may be “hua Sa”.And on April 1, “rescue troops” cold air arrival, there will be a significant drop in temperature, back to the south will also disappear!According to the weather in shenzhen, the weather warms up, although the cold air influence, late could reach “back to south day” conditions, but with the last form “authentic back to south day”, compared to the conditions of the early with the cold air to cool the building of a strong, not turning quickly to the warm wet back to temperature, the high temperature back up to 26 ℃ takes time.Therefore, it is expected that there will be a slight return to the south for a short time in the shade, but there will not be a significant return to the south as in the last time.In addition to the rain and back to the south, the erratic temperature, let people accidentally overwear/underwear.The temperature this morning is 21℃, 3℃ higher than yesterday, and it will be higher during the day.Shenzhen weather revealed the story, the next few days of temperature rise first, then fall, rise again, cold and warm conversion fast, please add or subtract clothes in time according to the body sense.▲ The temperature of 21℃ this morning, 3℃ higher than yesterday, how to wear in the next few days?The detailed weather forecast is here – 30 to 31 mainly cloudy, light fog in the morning and evening;From April 1 to April 2, the wind increased, the temperature dropped significantly, and there was light rain.The qingming Festival (3rd to 5th) will be sunny to cloudy, with dry weather and rising temperatures.Weather warning for Shenzhen: it will be warm and humid today and tomorrow, with (light) fog in the morning and evening.The temperature will fluctuate greatly in the coming week, so please add clothes in time.Editor Liu Ke (author: Jingbao APP) statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: