How to be a knowledge blogger?

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Believe there are a lot of friend has been thinking about how to make a fresh knowledge blogger short video era, after all, every industry can be display through the Internet to get cash flow to just this process is quite long and difficult for beginners will be confused by some friend will feel as though not good at skills and to share the way and the way of thinking is fuzzyAfter all, everyone knows that the future will be the era of each IP. No one wants to miss this opportunity. Today, we are talking about how to be a knowledge blogger.It is divided into three parts: (1) positioning no matter which direction we go, we cannot do without positioning!Make a direction of popular science in those years here is to share the direction of the cooking process can be said to be the direction of the science of traditional Chinese medicine effect can be said to be the direction of the process of pet can be share their access to the direction of the flow can be Shared in the process of starting my own business direction can be share their stone processing process can be potted grow in the direction of the direction in general is actually kind of skillWhen we share, we need to think about which user group will like it and start to think about what we can do for that user group, whether it’s virtual or physical. (2) Preparation, of course, positioning alone is not enough.It’s more of a preparation and you can use a little trick that I talked about all those years ago to prepare by asking yourself a few questions about the industry where are the peers for the service that I’m doing?How did they do it?Service may appear homogenization!But where should we be thinking about differentiation should not just within the homogeneity of a roll like a friend is to be obtain the flow field to share her backend service is about this aspect of course depend on as she realised points so we can combine their own good points do not necessarily have to be like him can communicate through the establishment of some related industries community by the community to liquidate alsoIt works!(3) to liquidate ideas about the media to realise ideas in those years are divided into two parts 1, public domain via public domain also is actually through our platform can through the business cooperation of content creation of a third party that is to say, the way the need our fans so by us for a business to promote their cooperation can pass through the platform of the need to quantify our directionYou can directly copy the points you are good at and input them in a matrix in the form of quantified targets.And rely too much on the platform with cargo may be able to compare to the direction of the many good species of grass now but the direction of more is to look at the group according to their own fans like to better achieve mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, to recommend 2, private domain through the private domain words actually realized simple is wider in those years is divided into two parts a virtual service is like those years I can pass the acceptanceSome business consulting and some resources docking to cash!Or cash in by recording your own lessons!Virtual words have an advantage is the cost is almost zero but lost in the complex purchase rate after all are behind each virtual service experience enrichment but the other said virtual product is physical product through product if products need to have some cases and through private domain marketing your strength can say is vital for the choice of products and the thinking of electricity in much the same way as the lastSome years want to say is actually each person can be an IP is just good at different areas of personal experience different output content caused by the impact is also different but the road is far, line will come!It’s never too late to change!Next time share: how many forms of storytelling exist, what are the business opportunities?First in the public number (net creation of those years) like-minded to have deeper links and fetters do temperature people, do deep things!Welcome to talk about your story on the road to entrepreneurship!There is a comment area about the problem on the road of entrepreneurship!Welcome friends from all walks of life to clash of ideas!