How to solve the problem of old people’s scooters?How can ability let old person use get at ease?

2022-07-24 0 By

Illegal electric vehicles are banned in various places, and electric three-wheel and four-wheel vehicles are also being destroyed. Many netizens cannot understand this, feeling that it is a waste of money and labor.And the cars are more suitable for the elderly, or directly said that was supposed to be the old car instead of walking, now be destroyed because of illegal, a lot of old people now use to buy electric cars already exists fear in the heart, worry about buy back again into illegal vehicles, after the last is the fate of the confiscated destroyed.After all, our country has now entered the aging society, there are hundreds of millions of elderly people have travel needs, although there is a public transport system, but their mobility is still a lot of elderly people must transport tools.This demand just to, after all, many older people need to go out shopping to buy food, or ill have to go to the hospital, have their own transport car convenient many, have old man music before, and then there’s tricycle, around for electric vehicles, but now many places have banned such vehicles on the road.Most of the vehicles destroyed are illegal vehicles, but which ones are illegal?Ordinary people really don’t understand, so now they dare not buy, because they don’t know which one is legal.In fact, our policies are always lagging behind, if you want to govern electric vehicles, you should at least solve the problem of legal vehicles in advance, to let the people use clearly, can use rest assured, or you just confiscate and destroy, that people should choose what kind of vehicles to use?After all, no one can tell which kind of vehicle is legal and which is not illegal and will not be confiscated. Such a car environment is very unfriendly, and the elderly do not want their hard-earned money to be destroyed again.In governance at the same time, should be actively introduces the formal standard, let people can choose plainly, at least can any normal sales on the market, should be legal on the road vehicles, if can’t be legal on the road, belong to illegal vehicles, why people bought again seized destroyed?Why should cars be allowed to be sold if they are illegal?How to solve the problem by treating the symptoms rather than the root cause?Old people on walking car just need is to be valued, prohibition and destruction blindly, not a solution to the problem, should let whole the only legitimate vehicles that sells on the market, any illegal vehicle sales should be confiscated, should let all people to buy cars at not illegal vehicles, such ability to solve practical problems.If not from the root up to solve, only with a headache to treat the head of the way, it is difficult to play a very good effect.So since electric vehicle market to governance, so the first is to ensure that all sales market of vehicles are legal, can’t let common people to pay for the illegal vehicles, best can bring brand sales, purchases and id card when binding, actually such management, regardless of whether the old man music or tricycle, are licensed, in strict accordance with the traffic rules, the punishment is punishment,Where could there be a security problem?Singapore used to be the same dirty mess, strict management, under heavy punishment, now is not the same garden city?What is important is management, not eliminating one type of vehicle will solve the problem.It is hoped that while destroying illegal vehicles, only legal vehicles can be put on the market as soon as possible, preferably with license plates. After all, this method has precedent, so it is completely feasible.In this way, the elderly can be assured to buy their favorite scooter, so as to truly improve the happiness index of the people, so that the elderly can better enjoy their later life.