In Qingshan, there is a kind of happiness called “retirement at home”!

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“Get up early, put on the bracelet first.”Wu Shengying, who lives in Qinghui, Qingshan District, Wuhan city, is 88 years old. She gets up in the morning and wears a special bracelet first, which has become her daily “required course”.”At a critical moment, it can save lives.”When it comes to bracelets, Wu shengying has deep feelings.On the morning of November 18 last year, Grandma Wu suddenly felt unable to get up, and immediately pressed the SOS button on her hand ring. The phone was quickly connected.Within half an hour, the service platform staff knocked on Wu’s door to urgently check her health.In Qingshan District, the elderly population over 60 years old accounts for nearly 30% of the total population, making it the city with the highest degree of population aging in Wuhan.In order to promote the industrial construction of “health care center” and actively respond to the aging trend of population, Qingshan District has established a “trinity” pension service system of “family based, community supported and institution supplemented”, and explored the service mode of “Internet + home care”.”Smart” bracelet remote monitoring safety accident The bracelet worn by Grandma Wu is an intelligent elderly service device.In 32 villages and 31 communities in the eastern part of Qingshan District, such as Workers’ Village, Honggangcheng and Qingshan Town, more than 200 elderly people and Wu’s grandmother are wearing the same bracelet.Last year, Qingshan took the lead in wuhan, and listed as one of the ten practical projects of the district government in 2021 the provision of “home care bed support services for the elderly aged 85 to 89 in Qingshan who voluntarily apply for services, such as widowhards, disabled, severe illness or economic difficulties”.The district government purchased services and provided such services as “three assistance and one care” for this part of the elderly group free of charge.”The main functions of the bracelet include one-button emergency call, real-time positioning, and heart rate health detection.”Zhao Xiaofeng, general manager of Wuhan Hekang Smart Pension Service Company, said, “If an old man wearing a bracelet is in an emergency, press the button of the bracelet, he can call his family member with one key and access the customer service platform of smart pension service. We will arrive at the old man’s location in the first time according to the positioning.”At present, according to the policy conditions, service providers visited 780 people, signed 712 service agreements, and carried out services for 15,222 people.”Now many elderly people in the community cannot do without the smart bracelet service.”According to Zhao, the platform has 69 SOS emergency responses per month, and the home smart care system has been used more than 37,000 times per month.The function of the smart bracelet is not limited to emergency rescue, but also to help doctors, meals, cleaning and remote care with one click.On January 4, Grandma Cui, a resident of Nanyuan community, made an appointment with puren Yiweikang Pension Service Center to help with hygiene and hairdressing the next day by calling through her bracelet.”Before I looked at the dirty house, AND I didn’t have the energy to clean it, but now IT’s better. When I press the hand ring, someone will come to help clean it, and I can also deliver food, medicine and blood pressure. Lao Fang has gone to bed.”Grandma Cui said.Help meal, for the elderly to deliver meals or buy food materials, processing food materials;Assist cleaning, provide shelter cleaning, washing clothes, articles sorting for the elderly;Assisting doctors, providing door-to-door rehabilitation physiotherapy, preventive health care and other medical care for the elderly;Nursing services include washing, hair and shaving, bath aid, feeding care (feeding), etc.At present, 32 “Internet + Home care” service outlets have been built in Qingshan District, providing community home care services within a radius of about 1 km.At the same time, the district-level smart pension center platform will be developed to establish a home-based care service system of “smart pension platform — offline service outlets — elderly users”.”Qingshan District will also build a district-level (new collection) health care center.”Related person in charge of the district civil affairs Bureau said that the district-level (xinji) health care center is positioned as a combination of medical care and health care center, jointly built by the elderly care center and community health service center.”Smart home care services in Castle Peak will further expand its reach.”Seven elderly people have moved into the small pension service center in Dongxing Community of Qingshan District, with an occupancy rate of 80 percent, just over six months after it opened on January 5.”My family can live comfortably without a nursing home.”In August last year, an 85-year-old resident of Dongxing community, A grandmother named Zeng, was “clamoring” to return to the community pension center just a week after her daughter picked her up.Grandmother Zeng, an 85-year-old resident of Dongxing community, was hesitant when she moved into the retirement center. “People outside, can you do your best to take care of me?”Dongxing Community Pension Service Center is located at the gate of Dahua Bojin Li Fu community, only 5 minutes’ walk from Zeng’s home.▲ Automatic Lifts at the Elderly Care Center There are custom-made facilities for the elderly.The center has two floors, which are equipped with single and multiple rooms, activity hall, independent toilet and recreation room according to the living needs of the elderly.The stairs are equipped with automatic lifting chairs, and the elderly are taken care of by special persons.The toilet is covered with non-slip mat, u-shaped armrest and folding bath stool.The health care room is equipped with physiotherapy bed and baking lamp, combining medical care with nursing for the elderly.▲ Dongxing Community organizes dumpling making activities for the elderly. In terms of service, 24-hour professional care is provided.”Sick old people are inseparable from people.”Manager Chen, in charge of Dongxing Community Pension Service Center, said, “We customize health records for each elderly person, and they are accompanied all day long.In addition, we regularly invite the chief physician of the hospital to visit us for free.””The environment is good, the service is good and they treat me well.I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to retire here.”Maw Maw bare her heart.The elderly care services at home let the elderly in Qingshan harvest a steady sense of happiness