Jianchuan good man Yang Yuansong: feelings and responsibility, who dare to go back to his hometown to help the poor do business like him

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I know a wood carver Yang Yuansong in Jianchuan. He had already gone to the city for development. He has stores, apprenks, processing workshops, smooth sales channels and a good market and future.But he returned home, back to his hometown, gathered those who could not walk out of the disabled, set up a disabled woodcarving factory.Then came all kinds of troubles and difficulties. Some people wondered: What are you trying to do?Yang Yuansong is a craftsman!It is the inheritor of wood carving craft who is not inherited. For some people, it is the cultural duty, and some people are the rice bowl of survival, and some people are a chance of fate!Yang Yuansong is such a craftsman. Although he was beaten by time, he saw the responsibility and took responsibility, and tried to practice the dignity of human nature.He is a mature woodworker, jianchuan woodcarving craft inheritor, but he returned to his hometown Yangcen township, opened a disabled woodcarving factory, the village of disabled people gathered together, free to teach them skills, so that these disabled people can not go out to work to make money have a stable income.He said he was outside although the life is very good, but the thought of the disabled in the village, they can’t walk out, at the origin of life circle, heartache, want to help them, so he returned investing, the surrounding of disabled people worried, woodcarving craft to them, to provide them with jobs, let them have the wage, life have safeguard.With a stable income, there is dignity in life!Here I see these disabled people work hard and seriously, also see their simple happiness and satisfaction.All of these have their efforts and sweat, but also Yang Yuansong opened a wood carving factory for the disabled public benefit effect and effect, so that these people who can not communicate with people and can not walk out of the mountain, have a future and can look forward to or dream.I lived here for a few days, got to know these workers, saw their attitude to work, their respect for Yang Yuansong, and their enthusiasm for us foreigners. I was moved to realize how much they wanted to communicate with others, and how much they wanted to live without them, and how much they wanted to have the simplest happiness in our experience…Perhaps now can not call them “craftsman” or “craftsman”, but their efforts and non-stop, from this goal is not getting closer and closer?Yang Yuansong told me that there were three deaf-mute people who met each other in the factory, fell in love and got married, and also had the simple happiness and happiness of ordinary people. All this seemed simple, but it was not easy for them…Yang Yuansong under the epidemic is too difficult, the whole society should help him, I wrote last year that the very popular article “Master in Tears: Disabled people do not cut, but how to pay? Where does the money come from if not sell goods”, said that the epidemic came, the product appeared unsalable, no money to open wages, he lent money to employees everywhere.Yang yuansong said he would rather weep alone than let these disabled people go home crying.After the article was published, there was a great response. The county leaders immediately organized related units to investigate, give support in capital and loans, help promote products, and set up two sales stores in Shaxi and wood carving town, which solved a lot of problems.The most touched is to see this article’s fans and friends, I have private messages to buy their products, give the most direct support!A year later, when I came to their wood carving factory again, I found that there was basically no inventory and the workers were working hard. Yang Yuansong said that the sales were good now. Although the profit was very low, he did not worry about sales and the wages of the employees were not worried.After the article was published last year, a lot of people made suggestions about the product, but he didn’t have the energy to develop new works, and now he can finally think about it. He showed me some product ideas, and they really made a big breakthrough.Walked into the shop, some of the workers recognized me, so I give on each teacher took a “work”, some of these disabled legs inconvenience, have a plenty of deaf couples, in the country, they are only used to farming, do heavy work, more can’t go out to work, life is so helpless, now it is Yang Yuansong wood carving factory to their work and life of faith,You can see their confidence and desire in the photos.I finally printed them out and framed them, and they were so happy.Jianchuan good man Yang Yuansong, do wood carving is a master, do food is too delicious do wood carving he is a senior technician!Anything else? What else are you good at?Yang Yuansong does enterprise, he has social responsibility, to the friend with sincerity, heavy affection handout!For the family, he can go down to the kitchen and swing a big spoon and cook a good meal!Unexpectedly, he is also a master of catering!Look at this table, isn’t it beautiful?This pot of boiled ham is delicious!I went to Jianchuan this time, he lived here for a few days, a good taste of ah.Of course, his best dish is “horse-driven bacon”, which is so delicious.Yang Yuansong dares to return, it was his responsibility and bear, is also the most direct expression of his love for his hometown, maybe he didn’t earn much money, but he gave the change of life for the disabled, the change of life, is immeasurable, so he was known as “follow villager” local, it is on the top of his comments, also I am full of respect for him!