Luzhou Longma Tan: Hu City nursing home to carry out yuanxiao garden activities

2022-07-24 0 By

Festival to create a good atmosphere, rich hu city yixian old man festival culture life, let the old man in the festive atmosphere of joy, peace, celebrate the Lantern Festival, February 15th morning, with the support of hu town government, social work service station in hu hu town city yixian conducted “happiness yat sen villa, you keep me company” yuanxiao fete activity, more than 60 old man involved.During the activity, social workers led the elderly to play interactive games such as “weather forecast”, “patting exercise” and “big watermelon and small watermelon” to activate the atmosphere and mobilize the enthusiasm of the elderly.The games are simple and interesting. Although some elderly people have difficulty in moving, they still can’t resist the “temptation” of the garden tour. With the help and encouragement of social workers and staff, they also actively participate in the activities.Through the development of this activity, enrich the daily cultural life of the elderly in the nursing home, create a thick festival atmosphere, but also relieve the elderly anxiety caused by closed management and other bad emotions.In the next step, Hu Town social work service station will combine the needs of the elderly, continue to carry out various forms and rich content of respecting and caring for the elderly service activities, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly in the hospital, feel the social care and warmth.