Shishi City eighth people’s Congress standing Committee held its first meeting

2022-07-24 0 By

On the morning of February 16, the 8th Standing Committee of Shishi City people’s Congress held its first meeting.Li Bin, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, presided over the meeting, deputy director Zhang Yong ‘an, Zheng Wenfang, Lin Zhijian, Chen Chuihan attended the meeting.Municipal standing committee, executive deputy mayor Guo Lang Tao attended the meeting.The conference studied “Code of Conduct for Members of the Standing Committee of Shishi City People’s Congress”.Division of deliberation by the standing committee of the municipal committee and tied with the arrangement of each committee standing committee authority, “about the establishment of shishi city eighth session of the standing committee of the people’s congress deputies credentials committee’s decision”, the city of the eighth National People’s Congress (NPC) standing committee each working committee of candidate list, the main points of shishi city people’s congress standing committee in 2022, in the first session of the eighth National People’s Congress (NPC)The representative suggested key projects to be supervised.The meeting also deliberated and voted on the appointment of the new municipal people’s government departments, and took the oath of the collective constitution.Li demanded that the new municipal people’s government departments should always adhere to the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, enhance the awareness of the PEOPLE’s Congress, the work consciously under the supervision of the people’s Congress and its standing Committee, responsible for the people’s Congress, by the supervision of the people’s Congress;We need to raise our awareness of the rule of law, study Xi Jinping Thought on the rule of law, take the lead in respecting the law, observing the law, and applying it. We need to improve our ability to make decisions and conduct government administration in accordance with the law, and ensure that the power entrusted to us by the people is exercised effectively in accordance with the rule of law.We need to strengthen our sense of purpose, consult the people on their needs and their plans, go to the community level, draw wisdom and strength from deputies and the people, and raise their sense of happiness and fulfillment.To strengthen the consciousness of struggle and come up with “one line” and a line of “guide”, strengthen the responsibility of the time and tide wait for no man, seize every minute bear, conscientiously implement the party policy decisions, act quickly, work diligently, promote competition, “5510” project “7 + 4” industrial investment, “five in shishi”, two-wheel driven key task takes root, blossom and bear fruit.(Reporter Lin Furong) Source: Shishi Daily