Taishan 5-year contract lock new national foot, foreign aid target is not in Europe, the pace has not stopped

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Shandong Taishan team after winning the double championship, the whole team ushered in a rare holiday life.According to what we know, Taishan team will reassemble on February 16th to prepare for the Chinese Super League which starts in April.According to the arrangement of the FOOTBALL Association, the CSL season is likely to open in April and close in mid-November.The home-and-away format fans crave is unlikely to materialize, and the league should continue to be a fixture format.At present, many young taishan players have left the team, it can be confirmed that Chen Zhechao, Zhang Shuyuan and Yang Yilin three players joined the Chinese Super League promoted Meizhou Hakka team on loan.Loaned players Kadar and Leonardo have joined Hungarian first division side New Pace and Ulsan Hyundai respectively.Moises, whose contract is about to expire, will not renew his contract with Taishan, and he will return to Bajia.After Xu xin decided to join Shanghai Harbour, Taishan first contacted With Hebei midfielder Yin Hongbo, but in consideration of Yin hongbo’s “advanced age” of 33, they finally gave up on him and chose Guangzhou’s main midfield liao Lisheng instead.The club has now offered Liao a 1+4 contract, which is the same as that signed with shi Ke and Xu Xin, among others.Just hope that the new international player does not like Xu Xin taishan team as a springboard, after some achievements to turn to treachery.However, xiaobian believes that if both sides sign a 2+2 contract, no matter for the player or the club seems more reasonable.Recently, foreign media reported that Romanian midfielder Dikonu has signed a contract with a Chinese Super League team, but did not specify the team.At this point, domestic media began to speculate about which team could sign the efficient forward for free.As is known to all, Shandong Taishan’s attack line really needs a creative core player, moises is obviously not up to it, so the club did not choose to renew his contract.So is Dickenu taishan’s type?According to what we know, Taishan team is indeed inspecting foreign aid candidates recently, but their target is not in Europe, but our neighbor South Korea.After joo min-kyu’s acquisition was blocked, Taesan actually has alternative candidates, such as Jeonbuk’s Gustavo and Suwon’s Wildevik were the team’s pursuit of the target.After the success of liao Lisheng, Taishan team has not stopped the pace of signing, there will be players to join, and all this will be announced after the opening of the domestic transfer window.(Author’s statement: this article is xiaopeng sports world exclusive original first, shall not be reproduced and copied, offenders will be corrected, thank you for your cooperation)