Tip!The opening hours of these venues will be changed during the Spring Festival

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The Spring Festival holiday is coming!Want to know the opening status of the venue?Xiaobian has sorted it out for you!Shanghai Planetarium According to the rule of the past, the Spring Festival tickets are the most popular.According to the arrangement of the Shanghai Planetarium’s seven-day pre-sale period, visitors can buy tickets for February 1 (the first day of the lunar New Year) on January 26 and February 6 (the sixth day of the lunar New Year) on January 31.Please pay attention to personal protection, do not cluster, do not gather, epidemic prevention “three sets”, “five also”.Ticketing guide implements online real-name ticketing/booking and on-site ID card check-in. There is no ticketing window. All audiences (including free audiences) need to make online booking in advance.Visitors can purchase tickets through the Planetarium wechat official account, the official website, and the ticket mini program (hold down the press to enter the ticket mini program). 1. Click on the planetarium, check the booking tips, and click Confirm.2. Select the ticket, read the instructions, and click Ok.3. Select the date and confirm.In order to provide more visitors with more opportunities to visit, ticket purchase restrictions are implemented during national holidays, summer and winter holidays.The same account (registered mobile phone number) is limited to purchase one visit ticket, each order can purchase up to 5 tickets;The same id card number (ID card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan pass certificate or passport) can only buy one ticket.One person, one ticket, free booking crowd is not free!Note: if you buy tickets through unauthorized channels, you should be responsible for the loss.In addition, in order to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, standardize the instruction order of the exhibition hall, ensure the accurate interpretation of the planetarium exhibition and exhibits information, protect the public’s rights and interests, and create a safe, civilized and orderly visiting environment, the Shanghai Planetarium recently strengthened the standard requirements of the exhibition hall instruction.The application method is as follows: If the relevant organizations really need to organize public welfare lecture activities in the Exhibition hall of Shanghai Planetarium (Shanghai Science and Technology Museum branch), they should download and fill in the Application Form for Public Welfare Lecture of Shanghai Planetarium Exhibition Hall (link:www.sstm-sam.org.cn), 7 working days in advance by email to Shanghai Planetarium for review (email address: sam_edu@sstm.org.cn), together with the explanation, the applicant’s employer certificate, the applicant’s ID card (electronic version).The Shanghai Planetarium will notify the applicant via email after the approval. If the applicant fails the approval, no further notice will be given.For the approved event, the applicant must present his/her valid ID card to the service desk on the same day to get the Temporary Explanation Card.The explanation certificate must be hung in a prominent position on the chest during the explanation.After the lecture, the student should return the lecture card and retrieve the valid identification card immediately.Public address equipment is strictly prohibited for all lecture activities.Tips: Except for the public lecture activities approved by Shanghai Planetarium in advance, the public (including but not limited to tour guides, social educational institutions, other individuals, etc.) are not allowed to organize lecture activities in the Exhibition hall of Shanghai Planetarium.Shanghai Science and Technology Museum to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the Spring Festival holiday,Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Museum of Natural History (Shanghai Science and Technology Museum branch) and Shanghai Planetarium (Shanghai Science and Technology Museum branch) will be closed on January 29, 2022 (Saturday), January 30, 2022 (Sunday) and January 31, 2022 (Monday, New Year’s Eve) for overhaul and maintenance of equipment and facilities.Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Museum of Natural History (Branch of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum) and Shanghai Planetarium (branch of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum) will be open to the public during the Spring Festival from February 1 to February 6.The opening hours of science and Technology Museum and museum are 9:00-17:00 (closed at 16:00). The opening hours of planetarium are 9:30-16:00(closed at 15:00).During the visit, please cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work, abide by the regulations, and observe the exhibition in a civilized manner.Information: Shanghai Planetarium, Leyou Shanghai, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Publishing editor: Ye Jiacheng