Today in History 2.20

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Today is February 20, 2022. Let’s take a look at today in history.386 – Tuoba GUI became the acting king.1547 – Edward VI is crowned king of England in Westminster Abbey.1872 – The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City officially opens.1877 – Swan Lake, a ballet by Tchaikovsky, premieres at the Bolshoi Theatre.1915 – The Panama Canal opens.1962 – John Glenn lifts off in the Mercury-Hercules 6 spacecraft, orbiting the Earth three times, becoming the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth.1965 – The American spacecraft Prowler 8 crashes to the moon after sending back some 7,000 pictures of the lunar surface.1968 – China Academy of Space Technology was founded.1985 – China Antarctic Great Wall Station, the country’s first Antarctic research station, was inaugurated.1990 – The Year of your Own Life wins the Silver Bear at the West Berlin Film Festival.1992 – The English Premier League is formed.1996 – Xie Jun loses the title of world chess champion.1757 – Patron, philanthropist, and adviser John Fuller is born.1844 – Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, one of the founders of statistical physics, is born.1882 – Famous hydraulic scientist and educator Li Yi-zhi is born.1901 – American architect Louis Kahn is born.1902 – American photographer Ansel Adams is born.1927 Sidney Poitier, American oscar-winning actor, was born.1931 – John Milnor, American mathematician and Fields Medal winner, is born.1933 – Chinese philosopher Gao Qiyun was born.1954 – Famous Chinese actor Li Xuejian is born.1963 – NBA star Charles Barkley, one of the top 50 players in NBA history, is born.1966 – American supermodel and actress Cindy Crawford is born.1967 – American rock singer Kurt Cobain is born.1971 – Finnish professional football player Yari Litmanen is born.1975 – Brian Lytle of the Backstreet Boys is born.Chinese writer and chairman of Nanpai Investment Company Xu Lei (pen name “Nanpai Sanshu”) was born in Jiashan, Zhejiang province.1984 – Zhang Meixi, anchorwoman of Shenzhen TV, was born.2005 – David Beckham’s youngest son cruz Beckham is born.1579 – Nicholas Bacon, Lord Privy Seal of England and father of philosopher Francis Bacon, dies.1907 – Henri Mauisin, German chemist and Nobel Laureate in chemistry, dies.1920 – American polar explorer Robert Peary dies.1993 – Ferruggio Lamborghini, founder of Lamborghini, dies.2021 – Italian professional soccer player mauro Bellugi dies.Take a look at history, talk about the past and the present, click “like” attention, take you to understand the history of today.Xuejian li