Wear gloves to read comfortably in cold weather!There are so many thoughtful little designs in the closing ceremony manual

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Winter Olympic elements such as the Olympic rings, winter Olympic emblems, snowflake graphics, Chinese cultural elements such as Chinese knots, loops, the Great Wall, dandelion, willow branches, swifts, olive branches and other natural elements…At the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Saturday night, spectators and guests were given handbooks designed by xia Xiaoqi, a professor at the Beijing Institute of Printing and Communication.The manual fully embodies the integration of Chinese traditional artistic conception and modern design.In the page design of “Remembering the moment, Folding Willow farewell”, in order to vividly present the dual artistic conception of “Folding Willow farewell” and “future outlook”, the team adjusted the graphic content for nearly 100 times.Finally, through the tender willow branches, flying swift and other visual symbols to show Beijing “Double Olympic City” aesthetic, and combined with dazzling light beams and stars to show the aesthetic of modern science and technology, so that the Chinese artistic conception and modern design fusion in one page.Xia xiaoqi introduced that each page of the handbook has a “Chinese knot” and a decorative page number, and the design of the core graphic “Chinese knot” has gone through several rounds of polishing and detailed elaboration.”We ended up making a Chinese knot by twisting a thread, which symbolizes good luck and good luck. We also added geometric elements such as straight lines and perfect circles to create a clever interaction between modern design and traditional aesthetics.”The idea of humanization has also been applied to the design of the manual.In choosing the paper, the team considered both the presentation and the comfort of browsing in gloves in cold weather conditions.In terms of printing process, in addition to bronzing, protruding and other processes that emphasize visual quality, the team also gave special consideration to details such as high-temperature elimination to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control.Wear gloves to browse comfortably in cold weather!The closing ceremony of the manual, hiding so much sweet little design) source: Beijing daily client | intern reporter He Rui process editor: u010