You can see Huawei everywhere on spring nights, and even celebrities are using Huawei phones. Why?

2022-07-24 0 By

This year’s Gala, although not the best, but really good, very good.One of the most beautiful or technology companies huawei, there is no doubt that this year’s Spring Festival Gala Huawei mobile phone has become a beautiful scenery line.This is free advertising, not only in the show, there are many celebrities with Huawei phones in the audience to shoot.When it comes to the Spring Festival Gala, in fact, from last year, the host, Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng, Ma Li, Jia Bing, Song Zuer, Yan Ni and other stars, are using Huawei P30pro/Mate30Pro and other series of mobile phones, which was popular throughout the Internet.In this year’s Spring Festival Gala, Sha Yi is holding the Classic edition of MateX2, while Shen Teng Mali is holding a P50 Pocket. The audience is also using P50 Pocket to fold mobile phones. What does this show?Perhaps some people will say that this is huawei’s advertising, money can be on.How about Apple and Samsung?No money?But I can’t, let alone any other brand.Then why are Huawei phones allowed in the Spring Festival Gala?So many stars are using Huawei phones?In fact, to sum up, Huawei is a state-owned enterprise with quality and technological strength, and supporting domestic technology is not a disgrace to itself.Therefore, they use his products, is more consistent with the identity, more national pride.If huawei had to admit that it had taken advertising costs, it would have won the Spring Festival Gala, and then some stars would have taken out to “show off”.Then I would like to ask, among the stars who secretly use Huawei mobile phones, have these several endorsements?1. Yuan Yongyi revealed that she used a P50 Pocket phone when she was doing volunteer work in Shenzhen, while she used MateX2 before.2. Not only Yuan Yongyi, but also Jackie Chan, Xu Zheng and his wife, Liu Tao, Chen Sicheng and so on are all using Huawei mobile phones.Does this show that some big names are not smart enough to choose Huawei over Apple?Or are those trolls who mock Chinese phones and tech companies more “smart”?These people say that Huawei treats customers as “fools” by selling 4G phones at 9,000. In fact, the more they emphasize this, the more they expose their “ambition”.Of course, it is not to say that other brands (Apple, Samsung, domestic MiOV, etc.) are not good, they have their own advantages, there is their own market.But there’s a simple reason to see so many people using Huawei instead of Apple on a spring evening.The author summarizes the following: 1. In terms of quality, huawei’s quality is not worse than iPhone’s, but it lacks enough self-developed chips at present.Of course, there will always be a break, and it does not mean that the quality is bad.2. In terms of price, huawei’s high-end phone is not cheap compared with iPhone, but if you choose according to your feelings, Huawei is also a good choice.Feelings, after all, is their own country’s science and technology enterprises, what they have done is also good, worth using.Conclusion the author is the summary that does so, but also cannot “one word”, do not know each netizen feels can be what reason?