600,000 yuan for a 5,400 square meter apartment?If the contract is not signed properly, it is invalid!

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600,000 yuan for a 5,400 square meter apartment?Mr. Zheng, from Henan province, bought a house of 110 square meters in the sales department.Because of all the formalities, I didn’t read the contract carefully.Home after opening the contract, not calm, say 110 square meters of the house into 5400 square meters of luxury ah.Mr. Zheng felt that he had hit the jackpot and picked up a big bargain.Can think carefully, feel wrong, should be a problem in the middle, or look for developers to ask reasons.Did not expect to find the sales department when the other party privately changed the contract into 110 square meters.Although he originally bought a house of 110 square meters, the developer’s behavior of tampering with the contract without communicating with him made Zheng unhappy.Officials from the developer said they had informed Zheng’s family and agreed to change the contract.Mr. Zheng was even angrier.Clearly did not inform themselves, they found mistakes to take the initiative to solve the problem.He thinks the practice of the developer is not reliable, do not buy, want to check out.The sales department found the staff who was responsible for signing the contract at that time, the other party admitted that it was his work error, but also his private modification of the contract content.And apologized to Mr. Zheng, but Mr. Zheng at this time just want to check out, refund.After negotiation, both sides agree to refund and check out.According to the sales staff, the price was mistakenly filled in by hand.It belongs to the expression of untrue will.Even if the contract has been signed and entered into force, but clearly belongs to the wrong contract, itself belongs to the invalid contract, even if the court judgment, will not win the lawsuit.Mr. Zheng felt that developers did not understand the situation, perfunctory, lost the trust of developers, just decided to check out.If developers first understand the situation, positive and positive to solve the problem, I believe that Mr. Zheng will not check out.No matter how busy and complicated the formalities are, you should read the content clearly before signing.This is not just a signature, but also the legal responsibility behind the signature!What do you think about that?Have you ever signed a wrong contract content lead to invalid?