Afc has been conquered by Chinese women’s football: sonorous rose 2 degrees desperate rebound!Huang Jianxiang: I cried

2022-07-25 0 By

China advanced to the Asian Cup final after beating Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout in an epic match that ended early On Monday (Beijing time).Here’s a quick recap of the game.This is an epic turnaround for Chinese women’s soccer.Before the game, Wang Shuang suddenly spread the news of injury, no appearance, everyone knows the role of Wang Shuang, so, The Chinese women’s football team is facing a strong opponent, is already a lot of luck.The Japanese team has 2 consecutive titles, this time for 3 consecutive titles in the pursuit of victory, and the previous 4 games in China, The Japanese team has won, the most crucial is that the match in the Japanese team scored first.At this time, The Chinese women’s football team was in a desperate situation for the first time, but the proper tactics of the Chinese women’s football team. At the beginning of the second half, xiao Yuyi, a substitute, assisted Wu Chengshu to equalize. Then Lou Jiahui was injured and carried off on a stretcher, and the Chinese women’s football team dragged the game into overtime.In the 103rd minute, Riko Ueki scored twice with a header.At this time, The Chinese women’s football team still did not have many chances, but the strong spirit of the Chinese women’s football team in the 119th minute, Zhang Xin assists wang Shanshan, who has become a defender, with a difficult shot to equalize the score, 2-2, The Chinese women’s football team took the game to a penalty shootout.Zhu Yu saved 2 goals in the penalty shootout, and the Chinese women’s football team miraculously advanced to the final 6-5!Such divine plot, even the AFC are kneeling, completely conquered by the Chinese women’s football team, afC wrote: “This is how…A…The game!Iron Roses bounced back twice to beat defending champions Japan on penalties and earn a place in the women’s Asia Cup final.”Huang jianxiang wrote after the game: “Chinese football is lucky to have girls!I cried watching the men’s team the day before yesterday, and I cried watching the women’s team today.”