Big City: the whole nation mobilizes to overcome difficulties together

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Dacheng County Guang ‘an Town Yang Check village party members have donated money.Since the outbreak of the current round of COVID-19, party members, cadres and the general public in Dacheng County have been united as one, working in a scientific way to prevent and control the epidemic and jointly protecting their beautiful homeland.After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Dacheng County CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched its emergency response plan, and carried out all kinds of work, including flow control, sampling, elimination and information reporting, effectively containing the spread of the epidemic.Nucleic acid laboratory testing includes specimen reception, serial examination, reagent preparation, novel coronavirus specimen processing, specimen addition and amplification analysis, etc. It is a work of close distance, high risk, high intensity and high pressure, but it is rigorous and meticulous.The Daycheng County Center for Disease Control and Prevention has implemented 24-hour network reporting and real-time monitoring, and everyone is on duty 24 hours a day, so as to set out at any time when there is a task.We will map the movements of those involved as soon as possible and track the movements of all close contacts so that no one is left behind.The CDC staff collected, counted, analyzed and reported the epidemic data of the county every day.With practical actions, they explain their mission and responsibility in the face of difficulties.On the frontline of epidemic prevention and control in the county, Party volunteers immediately appeared at every nucleic acid testing point and epidemic prevention and control checkpoint in every village.In pingshu town erguyuan village intersection epidemic prevention and control point, the village of 29 party members together, there are many volunteers to join.According to their respective duties, they carefully screened foreign personnel, disinfected the whole village twice a day without dead spots, and were on 24-hour guard at the epidemic prevention and control checkpoint.In Guang ‘an town, 238 Party members and active party members participated in epidemic prevention and control, and 260 young volunteers.”We are very grateful to the volunteers who gather at the village committee early every day and devote themselves to various services.”Wang Fan village party branch secretary, village committee director Yan Qiule said.In order to provide a warm meal for frontline prevention and control workers, female volunteers in the village of Tong Zhuangzi made delicious dumplings on the precondition of personal protection.”Everyone is busy every day, guarding the entrance of the village, organizing nucleic acid tests, patrolling, screening and registration…We just want to make some dumplings for everyone so that everyone can have enough to eat.””Volunteer Zhang Yanzheng said.Party members, probationary party members and party activists in Yangzhi Village, Guang ‘an Town, have donated money and materials in order to provide more supplies to those fighting on the front lines.By March 18, more than 52,000 yuan had been donated.There are also many people in other forms of donations, donations to the number of 94 people.”This is a critical time for epidemic prevention and control, and we need to work together as one to overcome difficulties.””As ordinary Party members and cadres, we have the responsibility to offer our love and strength to epidemic prevention and control, and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and the fighting fortress role of grassroots Party organizations.”A simple sentence of words, a pen of love, become the victory of the anti-epidemic belief support and strength source.The production front line is also the front line in the battle against the epidemic.Dacheng Economic Development Zone is racing against time to ensure production while grasping prevention and control.Langfang Haoya wall insulation Material Co., Ltd. is located in dacheng economic zone, mainly producing rock wool products.On March 10, they received an order to provide thermal insulation materials for the construction of a makeshift hospital in Langfang.The company immediately set up a special team, mobilized all available resources, arranged workers to work overtime to ensure the supply of raw materials for makeshift hospitals.In mid-March, a snowfall caused temperatures to drop, putting heating work to the test.Dacheng County Qi Quan Biomass Power Generation Co., LTD. As the only heat source unit of central heating for urban residents, all employees do not leave the factory 24 hours a day, the staff on duty to carry out factory disinfection and temperature measurement every day, increase equipment patrol efforts, eliminate hidden dangers in advance, will stabilize production, extend heating as the most important task to grasp.While making good efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, farmers in Dacheng County have taken scientific measures to ensure the production of spring farming.In recent days, town mayor Lutuan village greenhouses inside a busy scene.Melon farmers wear masks and plant melon seedlings in greenhouses.Changlutuan village on the one hand into the shed pass, workers will employ the village “know the roots of the children” villagers;On the one hand, let the personnel who enter the greenhouse work wear masks, and carry out strict temperature tests and disinfection on them. It is required to disperse the work to prevent the density of personnel.”Epidemic prevention and control should not be careless, nor should planting during the holiday season be delayed.This year’s harvest will be guaranteed if we finish planting the seedlings at the best time.””Said farmer Li Pengfei.Litan village wanzhuo family farm zang Hailiang told reporters, the day is warming, melon is about to be listed.They will be sold in batches in strict accordance with epidemic prevention requirements.Litan Town will continue to promote the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure and increase farmers’ production and income while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and spring farming production.(Reporter Jia Minglei, Correspondent Yang Shasha, Li Yunfei, Du Haiying, Editor Wang Jing)