Guangdong Trade Promotion System issued 583 RCEP certificates of origin, which helped us $430,000 in tariff reduction

2022-07-25 0 By

30, reporters learned from ccpit, guangdong province, so far (January 1-29), issued by guangdong trade promotion system under RCEP preferential certificate of origin in 583, involving export FOB amount is $28.6086 million, according to a new estimation method, help enterprise enjoys the import tariffs of about $430000, or accreditation fees more than RMB 20000.It is reported that according to the issuance volume of preferential certificates of origin under RCEP, the main exporting country is Japan, which issued 556 certificates, involving export FOB value of 27,726,100 DOLLARS, accounting for more than 95%. The main export products are textiles, plastic products, light industrial daily necessities and metal products, and chemical products.Australia followed, accounting for 1.54%, and Vietnam, Thailand, New Zealand, Laos, Singapore, Cambodia and Myanmar all issued a small number of certificates.According to the agreement, RCEP will enter into force for the ROK on February 1, 2022.The Tariff Commission of The State Council has announced that the tariff rate promised in the RCEP agreement will be applied to some imported goods from the REPUBLIC of Korea for the first year starting from February 1, 2022.China and the ROK enjoy close trade and investment exchanges and extensive cooperation in electronics, machinery, automobiles and textiles. Since the ROK came into force, the RCEP has formed a unified market, further deepening the industrial and supply chain relations in the Asia-Pacific including China, Japan and the ROK, and further enhancing trade and investment cooperation among countries in the region.Ccpit guangdong province is introduced, when importing the same goods in different member states under RCEP may apply different tax rate agreement, the import and export enterprises to fully enjoy the RCEP policy of the good, the need to strengthen the research on text RCEP agreement clause, fully grasp the tariff concession and rules of origin, focus on the production materials and intermediate products,Improve the management level of product customs code, pay attention to the influence of transfer pricing on the judgment of origin, scientifically select the optimal scheme based on the actual production and sales, and optimize the supply chain layout in a larger scope as far as possible.Before applying for preferential certificate of origin, enterprises are advised to log in the platform of “China Free Trade Zone Service network” to timely understand the rules of tariff preference, operation of origin, open service and investment, intellectual property rights, e-commerce and so on.The platform also provides one-stop solutions for trade and investment for free trade partners, such as preferential tariff policy, certificate of origin application, customs clearance facilitation, service investment consultation, commercial arbitration settlement and commercial factoring.Guangdong Council for the Promotion of International Trade said that in China has signed the free trade agreement, some preferential measures exist a long transition period, good to see the long-term.Therefore, all enterprises need to strengthen guidance to understand in place.The majority of export enterprises should plan countermeasures as soon as possible, rationally arrange the industrial chain and supply chain, do a good job in industrial upgrading, so as to obtain the competitive advantage in the international market.Source: China News Network read: Sun Shijian