Hebei Xingtai: Tour fast inspection in addition to hidden dangers Spring Festival food safety

2022-07-25 0 By

The Spring Festival is approaching, in order to ensure the safety of the tongue of the masses, the cadres and staff of xingtai City Market Supervision Bureau in Hebei province continue to carry out food safety activities in the market, community, school and rural areas despite the cold weather.The staff use mobile fast food testing truck and fast inspection equipment, on-site free for the masses to provide fast food inspection and testing, fast food varieties involving vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, cooked meat products, food and beverage food, testing items including clenbuterol, nitrite, SO2, pesticide residues, etc..At the same time, we are invited to observe the inspection process on site, and explain food safety knowledge to everyone, creating a good atmosphere for the whole people to participate in food safety supervision.Xindu District Yonghui Supermarket launched “you send me inspection” activity.Xiangdu District public kitchen launched “you send me check” activity.Huatian Supermarket in Xindu District launched the activity of “You send me to check”.Nanhe District Xinzhiten Life Square launched the activity of “You send me to check”.Since September, a total of 90 food safety “you send me for inspection” activities have been carried out, including 46 in the market, 17 in the community, 12 in the school and 15 in the countryside. A total of 1658 batches of food have been received for inspection. Three batches of samples have failed the laboratory test, and 183 quick inspection vehicles have been dispatched.1,459 people (times) were mobilized.During the Spring Festival, Xingtai Market Supervision Bureau will continue to organize and carry out voluntary food inspection services into the market, into the community, into the campus, into the countryside activities, innovative activities, “you send me to check” activities and food supervision better combined, to ensure the food safety of the masses.Source: Hebei Xingtai Market supervision wechat