Not a penny less of the province’s money

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I graduated from college in my 20s and soon entered my 30s.There were parents in their fifties and sixties at the top and children aged four and five at the bottom.Different circumstances can lead to different mindsets about saving money.Before oneself, can’t say don’t know to save, they don’t want to spend money too much, think that there is no need to save and exacting yourself, want to go to a restaurant to eat, want to buy the clothes, do not think of any at home seems to be more healthy more affordable, also won’t feel is a cabinet of clothes should be clean.Now, reality and circumstances force me to get serious about saving money.In retrospect, there are many areas of unnecessary spending that seemed insignificant at the time but added up to a lot of money.Some people may say that money is earned, not saved.I can only say I agree to half of it. How else to explain all those high monthly salaries when you end up with no savings?Open source throttling, open source of course the first, throttling is also essential.I do not want to happy the present and helpless pain in the future of their own.Here are my tips for saving money, based on my past experience, which will be updated as new ideas emerge.Before shopping, I also like online shopping. When I saw something I liked, I would buy it without hesitation.Now, when I see something I like that’s affordable, I add it to my cart for a few days to calm myself down.Normally, if the item is not a daily consumable or if I’m in a rush to use it, I’ll forget it’s there after a few days.This method makes me shop online less and less often.I have more than 100 items in my shopping cart that I saved to calm down after I felt I needed them now.2. When you really want to buy something, remember to use the rebate platform. I started to use the rebate platform in August 2018, and after using it, I can only say that it is really delicious.I paid 1400 bucks less than everyone else.At present, the platform I use supports multiple shopping websites (TB, JD, PDD, WPH, Suning, Eleme, Douyinxiaodian, etc.), which is quite stable.I can also find some hidden coupons, which is why I use them all the time.Not a penny less of the province’s money.3. Second-hand platforms have never considered the question of “want” or “need” before.So I bought a lot of things back home, every corner of the house is crowded, the closet is not fit, the result is most of the unused, lying there idle.I bought a straight rod, thinking I might need it in the future.As a result, I have only used it once since I bought it. If anyone needs it, I will dispose of it as second-hand.Objects are really only valuable if they are used.If you’re just sitting there collecting dust, hoping you’ll need it one day, you might as well give it to someone who really needs it.It’s like finding money on the side of the road.That’s what I learned from the book Danshari.Life is worth a lifetime of things, and reading must be one of them.In fact, I personally like to read paper books, one is to let my eyes temporarily away from electronic products, the other is to read paper books more reading atmosphere.I only brought two books this Spring Festival, and my husband recommended that I read on wechat.The use took off and I quickly added more than 100 copies to the shelf.Of these 100 books, if you want to buy the paper edition, it will cost at least 2000 more.What’s more, I also found that one of the advantages of reading e-books is that we can browse the contents of a book first, and if we think it is very valuable, then we can buy the paper version of it and use it as a collection, instead of spending money on some books that we think are not valuable later.When it comes to buying paper books, I recommend using second-hand app to buy them. I really need to save a lot. Of course, I need to make sure that I can buy genuine ones.Now I regret buying books too much, but it’s not too late.5. Shut down all lending platforms except for one credit card. This is really a pit.Credit cards should not be many, or it is easy to remember the wrong repayment time.And I think one card is enough for personal consumption.When you deduct money from your credit card, you really don’t feel as if it’s not your own money.In the future, I want to change this feeling and try to deduct money from my savings card, so that I can feel more pain in my flesh, so that when I spend money, I will not feel so painless.That’s all I can think of to save money. I hope I can tiptoe to reach my savings goals for the year. Come on!