People report gan Headlines | Chen Shan New village: Clean energy makes villagers’ life more prosperous

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Chenshan New Village, located in Maiji Town, Maiji District, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, is beaming with joy.People are busy hanging lanterns and pasting Spring Festival couplets, and the attractive smell of meat wafts out of the kitchen of every household, and the rich “New Year flavor” blows on our faces.Liu Xiaoe, a villager, was busy cleaning her house. The yard was covered with snow, but inside it was as warm as spring.She uses electric heating at home and sleeps on an electric kang, which can come in handy in winter.In her kitchen, electric steamer, induction cooker, range hood and other kitchen appliances, boil water, steamed buns, cook meat, rely on clean energy.Liu xiaoe’s family is not alone in Chenshan New Village, where 237 households in the once-impoverished village are now electrified.The construction of an electrified village was part of the local government’s plan when it began to relocate.Chenshan village was originally located in a remote mountain with harsh natural conditions.After a heavy rain in 2013, landslides affected hundreds of families. Moving into a safe new house as soon as possible became the biggest wish of the whole village.In 2017, when Chen Shan’s relocation project was completed, more than 200 two-story villas with courtyards sprang up near the town, and villagers moved in with joy.Since then, the difficulties of travel, drinking water, schooling and medical treatment have all been solved.At the same time of building the residence, maiji District Power Supply Company affiliated to The State Grid Gansu Electric Power Company carried out the transformation of the distribution and agricultural network at the same time, and the sufficient power supply turned the “upstairs and downstairs, electric telephone” from the legend into reality.In 2021, the whole village will be lifted out of poverty.”Before we moved, we used lines built more than ten years ago. The power supply was unstable, the light bulbs were on and off, and the coal and wood fires we used for heating and cooking were very smoky in winter.”According to Wang Ruigang, deputy director of chenshan New Village Committee, electrification has been popularized in the whole village in recent years, and the electricity load is also increasing year by year.After the implementation of a new round of rural network transformation, the village has installed two 400 kVA transformers and a 200 kVA transformer, to ensure the village without worry.Laba is the year, one year old celebration reunion.Tianshui city has a large labor input population and migrant work is one of the main sources of villagers’ income.More than 300 migrant workers in Chenshan New Village are returning home before the Spring Festival, when the use of electrical appliances is much higher than usual.Maiji power supply this year in advance preparation, the formation of a number of teams to carry out door-to-door services, find indoor and outdoor lines hidden dangers, the publicity of scientific electricity, so that every household can warm yangyang, bright bright New Year.Early in the morning, ruan Guangzu, the monitor of the power supply service class, with Zhou Tao, Yin Jianqiang and Wang Xiaopeng, the three managers of Taiwan district, came to Chenshan New village under the flying snow.They patrol lines, check meter boxes, ask door-to-door about electricity and occasionally chat with villagers.According to Zhou tao, not only has the weak power grid in the village been strengthened, but smart electricity consumption has also been popularized. Almost every household in the village is using the “Online State Grid” App, which enables users to pay online with a click of a finger.”In the past, you had to shout over a loudspeaker to announce something. Now you just need to send a message to a wechat group, and everyone, old and young, knows it.””The power supply station is in the town, not far from us, and if the villagers have any electricity needs, they can arrive quickly with a phone call.As for the attitude of the service, there is no telling.”Speaking of mai Ji power supply service quality, Wang Ruigang praise.According to him, in the past, some villagers did not know how to use electricity to change their lives, but now this concept has been completely changed. Not only every family is electrified, but also two families installed photovoltaic panels last year, which not only meets their own electricity needs, but also realizes the balance of the Internet, and can increase their annual income of five to six thousand yuan.”Such a day would have been unthinkable before.”Chenshan New Village is only a few miles away from the Maijishan Grottoes, a world cultural heritage site. Relying on its geographical location and clean energy, the village has been vigorously developing green tourism services in recent years, and the villagers have more and more money.New Year new life, the day across the more prosperous village people have a better new hope for the future.In the words of villager Liu Xiao ‘e, “Every year gets better and better!”