The Caspian sea is a lake or a sea

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The Caspian Sea seems to us to be a sea, but some people say that there is a lake called the Caspian Sea at the boundary of Europe and Asia. Is the Caspian Sea a lake?The Caspian Sea does have a sea in its name, but is it a sea or a lake?Let’s get to know it together.Although it is usually called the Caspian Sea, it is actually an inland lake. It is the largest lake in the world as well as the largest saltwater lake.The Caspian Sea is a lake located in the belly of Eurasia, and it is also part of the boundary between Asia and Europe. It has the same or similar ecosystem as the ocean. Its waters are vast, misty, and endless, and often like the sea with huge waves.Why is the Caspian Sea called a sea? The Caspian Sea is called a sea because it has the same natural features as the sea, but its waters are salty, and there are many aquatic plants and animals that resemble those of the sea;In addition, the Caspian Sea is the gradual narrowing of the ancient Mediterranean evolved, it is a remnant of the ancient Mediterranean part, so geographers call the Caspian Sea “sea trace lake”.So people now call the largest lake in the world the Caspian Sea, but it is not really a sea at all.What are the natural resources of the Caspian Sea The Caspian Sea is located in desert and semi-desert environment, so the Caspian Sea has relatively dry climate conditions, due to evaporation and resulting in the Caspian Sea salt content is particularly high, so here rich in salt and glauber;In addition, the Caspian Sea is also rich in biological resources, both sturgeon, salmon, silver khan fish and other fish breeding, but also seals and other sea animals habitat;Baku on both sides of the Caspian Sea and the Mangeshlak peninsula region on the east coast, as well as the bottom of the Caspian Sea lake are a large amount of oil, so the Caspian Sea is also very rich in oil resources.Conclusion: The Caspian Sea is a beautiful lake, but due to improper industrial development, the Caspian Sea has been seriously polluted, we need to take action to protect the ecological environment of the Caspian Sea, let this beautiful lake continue to shine.