The child cried, to embrace or not to embrace?There is much to be gained by conciliation in time

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Two days ago, one of my friends told me in the middle of the night, “My mother spoils her children too much. Whenever she cries, she will immediately pick them up and coax them.The child is getting more and more accustomed to temper.”Her baby, 2 months old, seems to have a quick temper, as long as the two whimpering did not immediately hug, will be overwhelmed with tears.The friend looked more and more feel, not every time the baby cried immediately embrace, should first find out why he cried and then decide not to embrace;And grandma can not hear little cry, a wind and grass move immediately hug in her arms, but also to the baby mumble: “mother does not hurt grandma hurt, bad mother.”At last they had a terrible quarrel.I was very surprised, I said why not hug, she said, everyone said that if hug, will let the child develop this habit of dependence.You won’t be able to let go.But you know what?Children establish a sense of security.It’s important in the first three months!Respond immediately when your child cries.In fact, his requirements are very simple, just eat, drink, poop, sleep.Sleepy, wet, uncomfortable, hungry children will cry to remind you, because he can’t talk.The first year of a child’s life is a critical time to establish his “basic trust” with the world, what we call a sense of security.This trust came from the fact that he learned from time and time again from his mother that if I had a need, someone would answer it.We think, the baby in the mother’s ten months, is in a state of curled up, and still can always feel the mother’s heart beat and breath, the heart was more dependence, and out of the womb, after that the disappearance of the environment, directly put the child on the bed when sleeping, also let children lost the sense of security, can only use crying to express their frustration and fear.At this time the baby cry is hoping to attract your attention, hope you respond in time, give him a sense of security.Children who are let cry themselves to sleep without responding can feel the fear and anger of being abandoned by their mother.This builds up over time and the child slowly becomes more fearful and resistant to sleep because the child worries that if I fall asleep, my mother will leave me and I will never see her again.So at this time, when the child can not sleep, crying, you must hug more, because you are warm, you often hug, especially mother, often hug her, skin to skin, let him this temperature.When the child is pregnant, the most feeling is the mother’s voice, then the rhythm of the mother’s heart, walking frequency.Mom’s holding the baby. Where’s the head?Go as far as you can to your left.Because then the baby can clearly hear the sound of your heart beat, the rate of your heart beat, you can hold him and talk to him, or you can sing a song that you used to sing during pregnancy and walk around the room, and the baby will fall asleep slowly!Many mothers will say that they fell asleep and woke up right after they put it down. This may be because you didn’t hold it long enough to reach more than 40 minutes.Because in fact the baby light sleep is very much.Baby general sleep, in fact, is not as we imagine that sleep is very dependable, it is more light sleep.So he’ll wake up easily, so here’s a way to do it.Put a handkerchief on your arm, just under the child’s neck. Why do you put a handkerchief on?I thought it would get warm if you put it on long enough.Why does the child wake up? Because the moment you put him on the bed, the moment you put him on the pillow, his temperature is cold!Then he woke up, especially when the temperature difference is relatively large, especially easy to produce such a phenomenon, so you want to pad a small handkerchief under his neck, gauze is also ok, and then hold a long time it will have temperature, put down a moment is connected with a handkerchief down.So the baby will not be easy to wake up!Whenever adults cuddle, touch, and physically touch a child, they are “touching” his heart.The child’s brain receives a benign stimulation, and this stimulation boosts the child’s intellectual development.Tender hug and comfort can let the baby in the agitated to quiet down, ease the pressure.So hug the baby more!Dual-parenting education is committed to the research and promotion of family education and the construction of a public service system for family education. It helps families and enables institutions to provide one-stop family education system solutions through online family college + offline teacher training certification mode.