The sequel to “Black Sweep” is online!Da Jiang isn’t dead. Zhang Yixing turns into concierge manager

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Last night, the sequel to last year’s $2 billion hit hit, “Black Sweep,” once again took the heat — and many of its highlights are laudable.Not only is the police officer, played by Zhang Yixing, replacing Li Chengyang as the concierge manager, but the memorable character of Dajiang, played by Su Ke, has been resurrected.The topic “Big River is not dead” also topped the list.Jiang, played by Suke, has left a deep impression on many people. In the end, he sacrifices himself to protect the witness.However, in last night’s Episode of “Clean Up the Black Storm”, Oe not only survived, but also became an important figure in the Kuizhou case.Dajiang was taken away from the hospital by Xing Fan after awakening.At the end of the clip, Oe appears drinking from a familiar pink thermos, prompting netizens to flood the screen with comments such as “tears in my eyes” and “satisfaction”, with some even wondering if it was a foreshadowing of the second film.Big river this role, you look, will not like, even a little dislike.This reason must be known to everyone, is The river ah, face scars, hair style is quite messy, and the clothing, the top is brown leather clothes, trousers are a little tight jeans.This whole image is really the same as Li Chengyang said: like an underworld, the image is very poor.Ordinary people in the street, see big river so dressed people, feel that this is a gangster, do not want to close, can escape to escape.However, “Black Storm” in the Big river, slowly with their own actions, so that we slowly changed his bad impression, we slowly understand that his face is very scary scar, the story behind is very warm heart;The pink sexy thermos he carries everywhere because his girlfriend gave it to him;Even if he is very annoyed mouth is cheap green rattan city gun king, but also because of loyalty, and with life protection;Such a big river, although very ugly, but really gentle, who does not like ah, who would like to let him so get it.In fact, the actor who plays the role of “Big Jiang” is Su Ke, a teacher from the acting department of THE Central Opera. Deng Chao and Wang Kai are both his students.Can cause such a wide range of discussions and Suke teacher usually on the study of performance is inseparable, I believe that we can see more suke teacher’s excellent works in the future.Those who want to watch the film can also go to Tencent Video to search for relevant content.Disclaimer: part of this article is from the network, for the purpose of delivering more information.If any source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will timely correct and delete, thank you.