They are the warmest symbols in the middle of the road

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Many people have the habit of recording, in the traffic police’s notebook, they will leave what stories?A few days ago, the reporter into the traffic police taishan city east brigade two squadron, looking at the booth traffic police notepad, listen to them about the past.Every page of the notebook is related to road safety, and they spend every day standing firm at the intersection.The scorching sun on their heads commanded the traffic, and the sweat sprinkled on their cheeks;Snow blocked the road, and they stood at the intersection like ice sculptures, making their badges glow.They are the warmest symbols in the middle of the road.Guard dai Temple wall of 7 days 7 nights two squadron area road to the East Yue Street as the main road, was a fish bone distribution.In the notebook of two squadron traffic police, the most mentioned is dai Temple and school.Two squadron captain Zheng Changsong told reporters that in September 2021, in order to protect the wall of dai Temple, two squadron all police, auxiliary police fighting for 7 days and 7 nights, until the completion of the wall repair.Zheng Changsong said: “Dai Temple staff found cracks in the east wall of Dai Temple, there are security risks.They immediately contacted us and asked us to do a good job of road traffic safety on Yangsheng Street (next to the wall on the east side of Dai Temple) to prevent falling off the wall from hitting pedestrians and vehicles.”(File photo) Upon receiving this emergency, Zheng Changsong immediately led a team to the scene for investigation.After consultation and investigation, traffic police department of Yangsheng Street road implementation of semi-closed management, close to dai Temple east side of the wall of the road is forbidden, the other half of the road to meet the needs of citizens travel.Jeong recalled, Half of the road was closed, but I was worried that there would be a pedestrian map to cross the closed area.In order to protect the safety of passing vehicles and pedestrians, our officers on duty shift once an hour, 24 hours seamless control of the road, and constantly explain the situation to passing vehicles and pedestrians, for everyone’s support and cooperation.It was the rainy season, and we were all on duty wearing raincoats until the wall of dai Temple was repaired.”Not only that, dai Temple as an ancient architectural relics, attracting many tourists to visit.Every dai Temple fair, it is the second squadron the most busy the most laborious period.Zheng Changsong led the squadron on duty, fighting on the front line, dredging and maintaining smooth, with silent efforts and perseverance to create a safe and orderly road traffic environment.The police often deal with the masses, and their style of doing things is related to the reputation of the masses.In the notebook of Wang Geng, the instructor of The second Squadron, he recorded his five-year relationship with an operating vehicle driver.The firm and gentle Wang Geng, not only let the operating car driver face up to their own illegal mistakes, but also let the driver realize the importance of traffic safety.According to Wang geng, in 2017, a driver of an operating vehicle who was carrying passengers stopped in front of a hospital got into an argument with a patrol officer.The driver comes to the booth to complain about the patrol personnel, wang Geng is aware of drinking suspicion in the reception process.”I found his mouth smelled of alcohol and asked the driver of the operating car if he had been drinking, and the driver admitted to drinking last night,” Wang said.After testing, the operating car driver’s blood alcohol content is 36mg/100ml, belongs to the drunk driving operating vehicle illegal behavior.According to relevant laws and regulations, drunk drivers of operating motor vehicles will not only be fined, deducted points or detained, but also have their motor vehicle driving license revoked and will not be allowed to reobtain a motor vehicle driving license for five years.Faced with such serious consequences, the operator of the vehicle looked for various reasons to let Wang geng not punish him.”He didn’t understand. He kept explaining and couldn’t get his head around it,” Wang said. “He didn’t realize the danger of drunk driving.After several months of communication, the driver realized his mistake, actively cooperated with the work and accepted the corresponding punishment.”Looking through Wang’s notebook, the operator came to the booth again in February 2022 to look for Wang.”Five years have passed, and this time he came to me to ask whether his administrative detention had any effect on his children, whether he could still drive a commercial vehicle after being punished for drinking, and how to calculate the date when he could get his driving license again,” Wang said.Wang Geng consulted the professional police of the traffic police department and replied one by one.Wang Geng said: “the traffic punishment should not be an insurmountable gap between traffic police and the driver, in practical work, we are punished according to law, safeguard the dignity of the law, perhaps time can not get the understanding of the driver, but hope that through communication, let people realize the seriousness of the traffic law, slowly understand and cooperate with the masses of traffic participants.”