20 straight into the army out of date?The US army officially launched the Black Hawk successor, known as the overall performance of the straight 20

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China’s air force strength in these few years obtained the rapid development, especially the “family”, every one in the family is absolute strategic power in our country, the plane is responsible for guarding the sky, 20 is responsible for the delivery of our goods, responsible for 20 straight to send our troops, finally only one dragon saw a missing tail boom 20.But recently there has been news that China’s straight 20 has fallen out of fashion, how is this?Our country’s straight 20 is not just a few years of service?How did you get out of fashion so fast?In the last century, although we had army weapons and equipment, it became a problem how to deploy them to places where they were needed, especially those high-altitude areas, such as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, where ordinary vehicles could not go, and China did not have helicopters to go.So our country to the United States bought 24 of the “black hawk” helicopter, after bought this helicopter, truly realized and the United States in terms of technical level of the gap, the helicopter in technological level, technology level, material level, on the reliability of easing the bit in our country in all the helicopter;And, more importantly, the group of “black hawk” was introduced in China or American civilian version, poor performance and military version a lot, like this can be on our country’s helicopter rolling, but after received a batch of helicopter you think exert oneself “reference” in our country’s traditional virtue, also come up with a and it is almost a helicopter,But I didn’t think of is the first class is waited for more than 20 years, because until the 21st century after the obtained the rapid development of our country has made the helicopter technology level, but you know, “black hawk” the helicopter is developed in the 1970 s a helicopter, it is conceivable that the gap between our country and the United States I have how old,And this batch of purchased “Black Hawk” helicopters are also our family heirloom, overload use for more than 20 years, 2008 Wenchuan earthquake were dispatched 18 “Black Hawk”.On the morning of December 23, 2013, Zhi20, which was developed to imitate the “Black Hawk” helicopter, successfully completed its maiden flight. Six Zhi20 appeared in the 19th National Day Parade, which also represented the official service of China’s Zhi20.As China’s first fly-by-wire helicopter, it has a length of 20 meters, an altitude of 5,3 meters, a dead weight of 5,000 kilograms, and a maximum takeoff weight of 10,000 kilograms. It uses two turbo-10 engines, and has a cruising speed of 290 kilometers per hour, a maximum speed of 360 kilometers per hour, and a range of 460 kilometers.The maximum ceiling is 6000 meters;The black Hawk is almost identical in length, height, dead weight, maximum takeoff weight and maximum flight speed. The only difference is that it has a range of 592 kilometers, or 2,220 kilometers if it carries drop tanks.In general, the performance of Straight-20 and “Black Hawk” is comparable. Although “Black Hawk” has a longer range, straight-20 uses a five-bladed paddle structure, while “Black Hawk” is a four-bladed paddle. Straight-20 is more maneuverable, so the two are comparable.And the United States of the last century helicopter is also too excellent performance by the United States army like, even now this helicopter is the main force of the United States army helicopter, but also produced more than 4000 such helicopters sold to all countries in the world, is one of the best-selling helicopters in the world.Also came quickly, but bad news is that the U.S. now has stronger performance of helicopters – V – 280 helicopter, the helicopter is the third generation of the tilt rotor machine, known as “black hawk” helicopter’s successor, and exposure time is also very clever, it is just in 2013, at that time China’s first flew straight just 20 for the first time,The sudden release of this new helicopter at this time is undoubtedly a demonstration against our country.Look from the outside, the appearance of V – 280 is more like “black hawk” and “osprey” fit version, and it also has the mobility and flexibility under the low speed under high speed, the speed, it can be achieved when cruising on 520 kilometers per hour, maximum speed can reach 580 km per hour, distance can reach 3900 km,It also has a combat radius of 1,480 kilometers and a payload of 13,000 kilograms.Compare “osprey” and “black hawk”, the helicopter is absorbed all the advantages of them, with large capacity and has a good speed and stability, and can also be equipped with two machine guns on both sides of the fuselage, the load up to 155 mm howitzers, even now one of the most popular electronic countermeasures system equipment, and materials used is the latest model of the fuselage,Solved the “osprey” prone to accidents, can be said to be in the lead in all directions, so compared to China’s straight 20 words, see this data is a comprehensive blow, after all, straight 20 on the target is “black hawk”, as “black hawk” successor helicopter performance is not as good as it?However, the new helicopter also gave us a new research idea, according to the idea of the Us army, maybe Our country will soon have a more powerful straight 20PLUS version, after all, China’s current technology level and material level is not that year, as long as there are drawings, aircraft carriers can be made for you.