CPPCC members offer love to warm the hearts of the masses

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Liu Bing, a member of the Kuancheng District Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), visited the needy in Qunying street on January 24, 2008, ahead of the upcoming Spring Festival.Street Party working committee deputy secretary Sun Yonghao, deputy director of the office Kang Hong, comprehensive service center deputy director Wang Xiaoju to attend condolences.As a member of the Kuancheng District CPPCC Qunying Tuan, Liu brought rice and grants to needy residents.Convoy welcomed the arrival of liu bing, she says, the warm heart sympathy, embodies the CPPCC care on the difficult people, do we need, the solution MinYou beginner’s mind, it is not only material help, but also spiritual encouragement, in the party and the government and enthusiasts from all walks of life, under the care of believe in everyone’s life is getting better and better.During the condolence activity, representatives of the poor people received rice and expressed their heartfelt thanks to the CPPCC members for their selfless efforts.Later, Liu Bing visited the two families, asked about their physical conditions and financial sources, learned about their children’s academic performance, and personally handed over the grants to them, encouraging them to study hard and change their own and their families’ fate with knowledge.