DOTA2 new version novel ideas: 5 pendant blue cat, high explosive bomb man

2022-07-26 0 By

The new version of DOTA2 has been updated, and many Dotaers have already played the new version.Here are some of the more interesting heroes in the new version.The first one will definitely be Bomber. After the rework, Bomber will no longer be annoying, and there will no longer be horror games where people die while walking.Instead, the Bomber’s impressive positive abilities.With nearly 50 points of damage and trajectory on the line, his line protection ability is greatly enhanced.Super short CD’s of sticky thunder, plus a cheap high burst in the middle of blast-off.Bomberman’s lower limit has been greatly increased, but the upper limit is not as high as before.Next up is the spirit of the Storm blue Cat hero.Pendant and secret flash changes, so that blue cat derived 5 pendant plus jump knife out of the outfit.After 25 minutes, the pendant double attributes, ultra high mana cost reduction, let blue cat in their own spring after using the Esoterian flash all the way to fly.This set of happy outfit is very happy, that is, can not have a little error, once the error was charged with a hand, the basic hands can leave the keyboard.What are the remaining methods of losing enemies, physical Zeus and so on, as well as what magic play, welcome to discuss below.